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    SSH ebooks to stanza on PC?

    You can use Stanza Desktop for PC to do this. This is from the Stanza FAQ page: Sharing using Stanza Desktop The dedicated Stanza iPhone application, which can be downloaded onto the iPhone via the Apple App Store, can upload books from your computer using Stanza Desktop. The Stanza Desktop...
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    Facebook and push

    Does anyone know if facebook will get push? I had it with my BB and I miss it on my new iPhone
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    Sending an invitation

    Is it possible to send an invitation to someone from my calendar?
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    Can I use a blackberry SIM card in my iPhone?

    I just added a line for my stepson and gave him my BB. At the same time I got a 3G for myself. Instead of swapping SIMs they kept the SIM in the BB and reprogrammed it for the new number and gave the SIM in the 3G my old number. So I am guessing that if that is the way they do it at the ATT...
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    What do you guys use for converting flac to mp3 or other?

    OK, great, but I wouldn't say that too loudly being illegal and all. A good free solution is Quick Media Converter by
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    What do you guys use for converting flac to mp3 or other?

    Are you Mac or PC?
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    Some questions from a future newbie

    Soon I will be replacing my BB 8310 Curve with an iPhone and I just have some questions about certain features and whether the iPhone has them or not. First, when receiving new email does the iPhone give you a notification on the hone screen or unlock screen or both? Second, if there is a...
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    Where do my downloads go?

    Thanks. It didn't show up in the iTunes library right away, but I see it now. I guess it pays to be patient. BTW, that was a super fast reply from you guys. This is a great forum!
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    Where do my downloads go?

    I am planning on getting a new iPhone in September as a birthday gift from my wife. So today I purchased Documents to Go from the app store to take advantage of the $4.99 introductory price. Well I saw that it downloaded it, but where on my PC did it go? Sorry for the dumb question.
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    AT&T $4.99 monthly charge for "voice dial"

    AT&T voice dialing and in phone voice commands or voice dialing are two separate things. I use the voice feature on my Blackberry and there is no charge for that, because it is a built in feature of the phone.