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    LEGIT picture of the iPhone 5!

    This a forum rule or is it only enforced on some people? Seems there are some others that are many times on the edge of rude also but nothing is said to them. Good ol boys club?
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    Don't Update to iOS 5.1 If You Want To Jailbreak Your 4S

    Believe it when I see it.
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    Don't Update to iOS 5.1 If You Want To Jailbreak Your 4S

    They have been saying "soon" or "days away" and all that BS. I have almost given up.
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    Discussion on House M.D. TV show!

    Totally agree.
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    official NFL 2011/12 season thread

    Great game...Giants vs. Packers. Loved the whole thing. Boy did they self destruct. It was awesome watching it happen.
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    4 and 4S SIM the same?

    It's worth the upgrade for me also for the most part. I get a new iPhone every year....except when I had my that took too long to get to the 4S.
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    4 and 4S SIM the same?

    I know everyone has their own use and opinions so I am not really looking to debate which one has a better battery or why. There are plenty of those posts on here already. In my use, the 4 is not slightly better, it is vastly better. Again, my use. Don't get me wrong, I like my 4S for most...
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    4 and 4S SIM the same?

    Currently there are a few apps that I need when traveling that are only available via jailbreak, including one a friend and I made just for me to access data on my work network and access a software package on the same network. Also the superior battery life and the stronger wi-fi signal of the...
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    4 and 4S SIM the same?

    Wondering if I can swap my 4S sim into my wife's 4. And still be able to use my unlimited data plan. Just need to do it once in a while. There are a few things the 4 does better than the 4S for me.
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    iPatch Mod Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone 4(s)

    Any update on this?
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