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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    OK! one last question! (I sent you a PM but i don't think you got it)....I got the clock on the lock screen to disappear, but the theme i winterboard is not working. I made sure it was first, and rebooted the phone after choosing it, and neither worked. I love the clock not being on the...
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    Jailbreaking iPhone 3G on a MacBook

    No way...don't use windows. There is any EASY fix to this without having to tinker with the OS on your macbook. Simply enough, plug your phone into a USB hub, start quickpwn, and it will work. It completely BYPASSES the OS. I did it on my brand new mac book with the new firmware and it...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Is there anyway you could tell me where you got your carrier icon?:)
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    Why is my jailbreak acting up?

    Here is my situation..... ....I jailbroke my phone recently using a Mac, and began to have some minor problems with it (getting hung up in boot logo) so I restored. Up until the restore i had no problems, and the reason I had to restore was my fault completely. After the restore i...
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    Restore to new or to backup? [jailbroken]

    I just had to do a restore as well, and then i jailbroke again immediately after.:laugh2: My advice to you would be just to restore to a new phone, its better safe than sorry, and you will save yourself a lot of (potential) hassle by doing that. I NEVER restore to a backup, even before I was...
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    Installer after Jailbreak

    Maybe a silly question, and definitely off topic, but how do you go about adding something to the Cydia repo such as xxxxxxxxx?
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    New MacBook and Jailbreaking

    I'm not even considering doing this, but just for future the new macbook with leopard 10.5.6 capable of RESTORING a jailbroken iPhone? I know it is not capable of JAILBREAKING an iPhone. EDIT: for clarification.....i HAVE used the search tool in the forum for this question...
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    NES sound skipping

    I tried to get that yesterday and I couldnt get it to work....any advice? I did everything it told me to do, and I could never get the ROMs to open. A step by step tutorial would be greatly appreciated! :wink: if you have the time of can also PM me. I'm an avid pokemon fan...
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    NES sound skipping

    I figured it was something like this...though, I'm not tech saavy enough to be able to contextualize it. Hahahaha. I didn't know there was a gameboy4iPhone! I HAVE TO GO GET IT NOW!
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    NES sound skipping

    I've always had this problem with the NES application. This was my favorite App the when I jailbroke my first gen iPhone. I'm not aware of anyway to fix it. It seems strange to me, because I get all of my ROMs from the same place, and when I play them on my mac I do not have ANY sound issues.
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    Hey guys! thanks for all of the replies! with a little poking around i finally figured it out!
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    I can't seem to establish a connection with PDAnet...what am i doing wrong?
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    Pwnage "no firmware bundle found!"

    I jailbroke my first gen iPhone a LONG time ago using i'm not familiar with Pwnage, and I'm a little rusty. I have a quick question I was hoping someone could help with... When i plug my phone into pwnage and get to the second step (searching for the firmware) pwnage tells me: "no...
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    So what social app are we all gonna use?

    my name on twitter is jerrettpaul also. anyone is welcome to follow.
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    Facebook App?

    does anyone know how to write on somebodies wall? surely they didn't forget to make that feature possible!