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    Will you buy an iWatch

    I'm a big fan of Apple but the iWatch is a stupid idea IMO. Reminds me of the Casio Calculator watches in the mid 80's It'll sell I guess but I'm going to pass on this and save my money ;) Sent using iCafe app
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    iOS 6.0.2 update

    The update is not showing on my iPhone 4 ;( I'm getting "iOS 6.0.1 - You Software is up to date" This is OTA. Might wait a couple of hours and connect the phone to iTunes. *Edit* Just read the update is not for the iPhone 4, d'oh! Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
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    iOS 6.0.1 Released Thread

    No really mate, I'm a Jenson fan ;) Anyway back on subject....
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    iOS 6.0.1 Released Thread

    My erratic WiFi behavior seem's to have improved, also seem's to be a tad faster too. I step in the right direction me thinks. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
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    Takes ages to start up since upgrading

    I turn my phone off every night before i go to bed and I'm noticing my iPhone 4 takes much longer to start up when turned on since upgrading to iOS 6. My other half has noticed this too with her iPhone 4S. Has anybody else noticed this?
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    WiFi signal strength unstable

    Yes, I'm having to trouble with WiFi. I thought it was just my iPhone 4 I not having problems with connecting to a WiFi network, but it often drops the connection and I go onto my 3G coverage, then it picks the WiFi back up. And also I don't seem to get the WiFi range I did with iOS 5 All in...
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    iOS6 Youtube app

    Here is the official Youtube iOS app Discovered yesterday.
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    Limiting Ads on iOS 6

    Thanks for this. The ads are higher annoying.
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    Have you updated to iOS 6, what are your first impressions

    I agree. Maybe it's a better update on the iPhone 4S and 5, but on the iPhone 4 it's hasn't that "wow" factor I thought it would have.
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    New update?

    I've been using my iPhone 4 on and off all day. Only used 27% of the Battery. I'm quite happy with that. As before the 5.1 update it would be around 40%
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    Flash Alert not working

    I've found it's a unreliable feature in iOS 5. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't on my iPhone 4. It's the same on my GF's iPhone 4 too.