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    G4 PowerBook and iPhone = Should I?

    I will probably try the Mobile Me to sync/backup my iTunes and my daughter's iTunes. With the G4 PowerBook and iPhone should I anticipate any problems? What all does it backup and sync? Could I also backup iTunes from a PC computer? Thanks, Jim
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    Official iPhone Social Entry Thread

    I made it! Man, I can't believe I made it to 75 in time! I just found out about this yesterday am, and then I had to work long hours at the airport. Thanks to everyone for their help, and friend request accepts. Good luck to everyone. Now if we can get this Social hooked up to FaceBook. Jim
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    Official iPhone Social Entry Thread

    How do you earn points, sorry but I don't see instructions anywhere.
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    Umm.... Emails charged as texts?

    They had me going over the 200 texts, but corrected it when I showed them that they didn't count any of my texts for three months then said I was over. Your online bill should show all your texts. Jim
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    Golf skycaddie for iPhone

    Damp! Wouldn't that be nice. That's almost enough reason to get the 3g iPhone. I wish you could disable the 3g radio and pay the v1 data rate. Still not worth $1800 more over five years. Still v1. Jim
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    Sold my 3G & I'm Back to V1

    Not surprising at all to me. Both v1 and 3g are terrific smartphones. I prefer my v1 mostly for the $1800 it will save me over five years. I am very glad that the 3g is so popular as it will bring lots of cool apps to market. Love the 2.0 and 2.0.1 software update. My v1 has been a real...
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    Gmail vs. MobileMe

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    anyone else getting TONS of call failed, even when you have 5 bars?

    This best explains what I am experiencing after updating to 2.0 on my v1 iPhone. I never could call a certain number on iPhone, but it dialed with no problem with Verizon. Jim
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    Well here I go...I'm about to update!

    Yeah, I saw your post, and it motivated me to go for it too! Took long time to download, got stuck at the end on restoring, but continued after rebooting computer, and everything is OK. Got some Apps downloaded with no problem. It may now be safe to update to 2.0. Just have to be patient as...
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    What a stupid mistake.

    So as long as we sync our iPhone before we update to 2.0 we are OK? Thanks, Jim
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    What a stupid mistake.

    How do you make a backup of notes and SMS messages?
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    Yellow screens! Why Apple? Why?

    I went by the AT&T today to look at the new 3G phone. I have a V1 with the 5 screen. The 3G screens on display definitely looked yellow in comparison to mine. I had hoped to see a white 3G, but they didn't have one. I am happy with my V1, and prefer my cheaper data/text plan for now. Jim
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    The Official iPhone 2.0 Software Update

    Well, that is the beauty of having this forum. You are saving me and others from going through the same thing. My AT&T in Chattanooga had a big line at nearly noon, so I expect this has been a big seller today. Jim
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    iPhone 3G to use cheaper (lower quality) iPod LCD

    This if true along with other discoveries about the 3G iPhone may make the v1 iPhone even more valuable. I wouldn't mind having a $200 backup v1 iPhone just in case something were to happen to mine. No 3G in my area, so will keep v1 for now. Plus I like the cheaper data/text plan. Anyone...