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    iPhone 11 Liquid Retina vs. Super Retina

    Cannot say which is better. We just got an 11 pro and the standard 11 in the house this week. My eyes cannot discern any difference in appearance, when looking at identical screens.
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    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 what to expect tomorrow?

    Just picked up a iPhone 11 pro yesterday and like it so far. It replaces a iPhone 7. Screen is much more vivid and is about the same size as the 7, although overall size is the same so I can use my old belt holster/carrier with room to spare. I have an iPhone 11 on order for my wife, 128gb to...
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    What iPad Air 2 case are you buying?

    I just ordered a Kavja London plus a smaller one for my mini. I wanted leather for the feel, and had tried Saddleback leather on an earlier iPad and found it too stiff with no on off magnets.
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    Best keyboard/folio for iPad Air?

    I am liking my ClamCase.
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    Incorrect phone number

    Somehow the incorrect mobile phone number got into the facetime setting on my iPad air. It is my wife's number and not mine, How can I change number in the field " you can be reached at facetime at" ?
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    Currently downloading iOS 8.2

    I have all of our ios devices updating now. My wife's older iPhone 4s seems to be further along than anything else and it was started after several others.
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    Expand your iPhone's storage capacity with this Lightning accessory

    I see this one, and the SanDisk iXpand, which would be the better and easiest to use?
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    Will the iPhone 6 Plus hurt sales of the iPad mini?

    I upgraded my iPhone 4s to a 5s, and changed the 4s to my wife from an old flip phone. I carry my phone in a belt holster, and the 6 was too large for my holster, much less a 6 +. I just ordered a mini 2 128 gb, found one NIB, to supplement my air. Verizon added free wi fi hotspots back in...
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    Album not showing under artists name.

    Europa Thank you for that trick. It worked and was very simple and quick. I simply went to get info, changed artists first name for both album listings and they were immediately combined, then changed artist name back and synced. It all took less than 5 minutes compared to the hours I played...
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    Album not showing under artists name.

    I have one cd that I have downloaded to iTunes and when I sync to my iPod touch, it does not show under the artists listing. I have deleted and reinstalled the album and now it ,iTunes is splitting the album showing it with only two songs, then as another album with the remaining songs, both...
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    Upgrading to iPhone 6 or hanging on to the iPhone 5?

    At times I would like a much larger screen for ease in reading, but for carrying I will stay with the size of my 5s which I just upgraded too from the 4s a couple of weeks ago. I keep my phone in an Otterbox defender in a leather belt holster so size is an issue.
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    iPad case with keyboard

    I just received a Clamcase for my iPad Air, and have not given it a real tryout yet. I like the way it fits, and keyboard feels good. The only color available was white, and honestly I think silver grey would have looked best. I do have a white iPad so it looks good, but I am thinking...
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    App location

    I presume it is an acutal app. I downloaded from app store. I am trying to get it into newstand on iPhone, it loaded into newstand on iPad automatically.
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    App location

    How do I make a periodical(magazine) app appear in my newstand instead of out on the desktop? I cannot highlight and drag it in.
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    Importing Pictures

    It's a lot of photos, I chose the folder in iTunes, and then synced, several times using different USB ports, and both an Apple USB to dock cable and a generic cable. iTunes closes by itself and no photos appear on the iPad. Is there any place to see where photos are stored in iTunes, they...