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    Official iPhone 4 HDR Photo Thread

    With HDR. Pretty impressive difference.
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    Official iPhone 4 HDR Photo Thread

    Without HDR...
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    Pic of Zagg InvisibleShield on front and back with Apple bumper case - anyone?

    no, no drops, and its not pushing up the film at all. it fits very well. im going to take off the bumper though, i have the sides for the zagg, i just haven't had time to install them yet.
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    Pic of Zagg InvisibleShield on front and back with Apple bumper case - anyone?

    I am currently using the Zagg front and back with a bumper and i can tell you there are no compatibility issues whatsoever. here are some pics, i hope this helps.
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    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    ok, so i see a lot of people on here are doing the single folder on the dock trick, which i am using myself currently, but for some reason, it seems very counterintuitive to me. I mean, i love the ability to look at my background, and have access to more than 4 apps on the dock, but the entire...
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    Win the iPhone 4

    My coffee cup and I are now entered. :)
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    Beta 5 or Golden Master

    personally, i don't think they are going to release any more beta's. It will probably be a GM version for dev's two or three days before announcement, or on announcement day. Just like last year. The dev's got it early, and the public release was on keynote day. Then the phone came out ten days...
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    iPhone 3GS Beta 4 push email

    Can't say that I agree with that. I am using MobileMe though, and all of it is being pushed no problem.
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    Problem with Facebook app on two iPhones that share same iTunes account

    The app on the iPhone stores the login information in the settings of the actual app, and facebook on the computer should only store it in the browser cookies, so reset all of your cookies, or just log out of facebook on the computer and re-log in and click remember me on the computer. that...
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    Wooden Joule

    So the dowel that sticks out of the back, does it fit into the slot where the iPad goes for easy transport, because that would be way cool.
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    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    Great, Ramesh. I just thought there was a bug crawling under my iPad screen for a sec.
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    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    The only interesting and creative case I have seen is one that makes your iPad look like a moleskin (the hardcover version) but I can't remember where I saw it. Not dockable, but nice and creative.
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    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    It's not that there are no good cases out yet, its a new product that has been on the market for a short period of time. The fact is, its all personal preference. I am using an invisible shield full body on mine, and that works just fine for me. There are times when I would like a book style...
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    Case for case

    Timbuk2. They have a wide range of messenger bags and some specific iPad cases, all of which are TPU lined, and are waterproof. Check them out.
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    Beta 2 - Newer features

    No, I think it was an accident while re-coding the camera application. I noticed in beta 1 that while zooming, the camera would only take black and white photos, and while the image taking seems to have been corrected, the image storage capabilities seems to have been nicked.