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    What features do you want in the iPhone 6?

    * Larger Screen * 128 GB (or larger) option * Integrated IR blaster for controlling your TV, A/V Receiver, Blu-ray player, etc. * Optional pico projector integrated into an apple-built case.
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    "Software Update Unavailable"

    I’m having the same issue with my iPhone 4S. It recognizes that the update has been downloaded; goes into the "verifying update" process; and then stops with the message indicated above. I suppose it's possible that the download was bad. Does anybody know how it can be deleted so I can try to...
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    What's your favorite and most used apps?

    Here's mine: * Flipboard -- Worth owning an iPad to run * Pulse -- Pretty close to Flipboard * Microsoft Bing -- Don't knock it 'till you've tried it! * iBooks/Kindle * Zinio -- Great Magazines formatted for the iPad! * ABC Player/Netflix -- Who needs cable? * iSwifter -- (<Shsssh!> Flash Web...
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    iPad vs motorolla tab

    Since the Xoom can't run any of my iPhone apps *or* directly sync with iTunes, I'm not all that interested in it. The Xoom doesn't have that cool "Smart Cover" either! I currently own an iPhone 4 ... and I now can't wait to get my hands on the iPad 2!
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    So...gluton for punishment that I am, I'm about to download the new iOS4.0.1

    Mine took about 12 minutes (I backed-up the iPhone before I started the upgrade process.) Before iOS 4.01 I was showing 5 bars in my house most of the time. Now I'm showing between 3 and 4 bars; but mostly 3 bars. I took the iPhone 4 out of its case and deliberately held it at the point where...
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    iOS 4 Problems

    The rotation lock is built-in to the multitasking "app drawer". So you, apparently, would have to have at least a 3GS iPhone to have access to it.
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    Browser speed on new 4g

    The combination of the A4 processor with a 512MB RAM cache should combine to provide for significantly faster rendering speed on the new "iPhone 4".
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    3.1 -> iPhone randomly shutdown, battery runs out

    I own an original 2007 iPhone and after updating to 3.1 my battery started draining *much* faster than what I was used to. Since the phone is over two years old I initially assumed that the battery was just *shot*; but then I discovered that a lot of 3G and 3Gs owners were also experiencing...
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    What are you upgrading from?

    I'm upgrading from my original 8GB V1 iPhone which I purchased in August 2007! This phone doesn't look as battered as yours (it's been in a case the entire time); but it *has* been: * Dropped twice to a concrete floor from a distance of about three feet. * Totally drenched in about 16 oz of hot...
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    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    OK ... I'll play: 1. Pandora (Appstore) 2. Favorator - (Appstore) - I love this "Favorites" speed dial enhancement. 3. Sportacular - (Appstore) - Let's me keep up with the odds, scores, and in-game progress for all of my favorite teams. 4. Koi Pond - (Appstore) - Fascinating and...
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    Free Chess?

    London, Did you try the "Hard" mode (available from the Menu)? In that mode the best I've been able to do is force a draw. (The play is a little more conservative in that mode as well.) The main thing I like about its opening book is the rather unconventional way it counters the "Stonewall...
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    Free Chess?

    There's a really nice free Chess Web App available for the iPhone. It even has a nice opening book: Shredder Chess for iPhone
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    As stated above, it's no Pandora, but I've been impressed with the half-dozen or so playlists that I've created so far using Genius. For example, while playing Sparks' "One Step at a Time" I pressed the "Genius" button and got a playlist as follows (all derived from my existing library): 1...
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    PacMan clone coming to App Store.

    While I'll happily purchase this Pac-Man clone (when available), I have to admit to the fact that I've been enjoying the Mrs. Pac-Man app. It includes three different controllers: The "D-PAD" (pictured above); a simulated joystick (called the "SWIPE" mode); and the accelerometer. I found...
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    Connection Timing Out After Update?

    I''m having the same timeout errors that all of you guys are talking about. It's been almost two hours now, and my iPhone is still in "limbo". I need to go to lunch and I have no phone. It's been at least a decade since I've been on the street without any kind of cell phone whatsoever. I...