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    Apple Sued?

    There is already a lawsuit in California.
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    web apps

    Actually I'm using web apps again. I sopped because my downloaded apps filled all my home screens, but with folders I have room for them now.
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    iOS 4 Hidden Secrets (?)

    Ok, I just found this and I haven't seen it posted yet. Double click the home button to get to your multi-tasking/recent dock. Then swipe to the right in the dock area and it opens up the ipod controls and screen rotation lock control.
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    iOS 4 Hidden Secrets (?)

    They added Contra, sweet! lol
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    Rhapsody v2.0 in app store!

    Wokrs great, don't need a connection to listen to your music anymore after you download a playlist.
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    How many application pages can you have?

    11 pages, but OS 4 will change that due to folders.
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    Best GPS (Turn-By-Turn) Application

    If you want a free application the latest Map quest update now automatically updates your route, directions list, and map as you drive. Unlike the Motion X free version that you have to manually have to change the listed direction or use the simulation feature. I know the map quest UI in kind of...
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    Need help finding this one app I seen on Apple commercial

    You can always go see all the TV apps yourself here:
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    Do Not Buy Magnetic Cases!

    I have been using a magnetic case for some time and I have never had a problem.
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    NBC Olympics for Vancouver Games (Free)

    Nope, the main app. Its free. Select an event going on now, hit the "results" tab and it will give you live stats in landscape mode.
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    NBC Olympics for Vancouver Games (Free)

    I have all three Olympic apps but if you want real-time stats you need the Vancouver 2010 app! I'm watching Hockey (Hockey fan and can't wait for the men’s to start). I found the NBC app updates in-progress game scores but there is a delay and no stats. The CTV Olympics app gives score and...
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    Does anyone have the Griffin powerblock reserve?

    What reviews have you read? I have one. It’s small, convenient, and easy to carry. I got the one with the home charger and the car/cigarette lighter charger. I have found it will give you about a 25-30 % charge (It’s a 500 mAh battery) so it’s not a powerhouse; more like a boost to get you by...
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    What's up with the scrambled GPS locations?

    Mine is good also. But I would not be suspired to have some glitches since the government will probably kill the accuracy for civilians for a short time when the major offensive in Afghanistan starts.
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    Best "Grocery List" app?

    I use grocery gadget also, it lets you add the items price, local taxes, and to take a photo of the item. I got it when it was free, not sure what they want for it now.
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    Best Document Scanner App?

    I haven't used either of those so I don't have a comparison, but I got Jotnot because of other recommendations. I have found it works very well but I've only used it a handful of times as I don't need it that much.