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    iPhone logged into unknown App Store account. How could this happen?

    This happened to me but with the Mac App Store. Completely unknown email address would come up when I tried to update the Twitter app. The problem was I still had the beta Facetime app Apple released first. Once I uninstalled it, everything went back to normal. It could be an app you installed...
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    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    For Wifi sync you also need to update OS x to the latest update available (10.6.8).
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    How do I know when my UDID has been activated?

    Unfortunately, he ran out of spots and now even though we paid we have to wait. :( I am dying to try ios5 now. :(
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    Add me in Game Center

    Add me as well! :) JvanityP
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    Just got my iPhone 4 today, only have one bar?

    1) It might be your location doesn't have that much coverage. 2) Mine doesn't either.
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    How good is battery life?

    I have been getting great battery with mine. This is with regular usage. Some calls, lots of texting, Facebook and web browsing. Impressive.
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    How to SEARCH NEAR a location in Google Maps app

    What I do is go to that area first and then search for what I'm looking for. It works pretty well.
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    Beta 5 or Golden Master

    I wonder when they will include in-app SMS. It has been missing from all the betas and is one of the new features of 4.0.
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    iPhone 3GS Beta 4 push email

    I have noticed this with a Yahoo account as well. It has to be a Yahoo issue then.
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    Beta 4 Features & Bugs

    That worked!
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    Beta 4 Features & Bugs

    Cuztomizable dictionary. Yay! EDIT: Not yet available or I can't see it for some reason.
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    Beta 4? or GM?

    I was expecting a release toda but guess we are not getting one. EDIT: Apparently is out.
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    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    Ok, lets say you have a text message on the lock screen. If you receive a notification, say from Facebook, that notification will take over the lockscreen and you won't be able to see the text that was there before. With beta 3, I hit the lock/unlock button twice and it shows me the text again...
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    Beta 3 Features & Bugs

    One feature I found is when receiving notifications. It used to replace if you had a text or a call notification with another one (Facebook, etc.) Now you can press the unlock twice so you lock and bring the screen back on, it will take the apps notifications away and show you if you have texts...
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    Calls and can't be heard

    Same problem here.. Hope it gets solved soon.. not that big of a deal but still a little annoying.