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    Should Apple Allow Native Adult Content Via The App Store on The iPhone?

    I understand engaging in intelligent dialogue around this subject, given the popularity of the App Store and porn of course so please don't take this as a criticism of the thread. I've just grown so frustrated with public reaction to the choices Apple makes these days. What I can't stop shaking...
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    Keyboard click sound fading as you text?

    I concur with those that have this issue and have turned off the speak auto text option. I was experiencing this last night and I had a feeling that it may have been because of turning that option on. Hasn't exhibited that since turning it off.
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    3G Case: Case Mate Stealth? Any1 tried?

    I'm more interested in what the back is like with this on. Anyone have any feedback on it?
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    AT&T Pricing Update

    The problem is there are current customers that meet the criteria (yes, even the $100/month for PER line) and still are classified as not being eligible until December. I know this because I am one. - I purchased the 3G iPhone in July of last year. - I spend in excess of $100/month (I've...
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    Will Apple replace if silent button fell off?

    I never really gave this much thought but a few weeks ago I noticed that while on vibrate, there is a little bit of play in the switch that wasn't there previously. Did anyone who had theirs fall off notice this prior?
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    What is the best non-Bluetooth ear piece?

    They still make corded headsets? Besides music purposes I haven't given a thought to the 1-ear ones, but that's me.
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    decreased battery life.

    I too feel as though my battery life has decreased, although I don't have any facts to back it up yet. While the suggestions to improve performance are appreciated, these shouldn't be necessary if you weren't doing them prior to the decreased in battery life.
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    no sound when receiving text

    Just for the record- a soft-reset doesn't always immediately get rid of this problem. While it always did before, I did have one day where this did nothing at all.
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    Why is Apple only releasing up to 16gb iPhone

    Well it's going to matter to anyone who has already purchased an iPhone with that subsidy, because it sure as hell wont be available to them if Apple releases an update anytime soon. Additionally, do the math- with the increased data costs the 3g iPhone isn't less expensive than the original...
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    Why is Apple only releasing up to 16gb iPhone

    I don't think we will see an increase anytime soon. Certainly not before there is an increase in iPod touch capacity, because that could possibly cannibalize sales of what's, arguably, their best pure iPod.
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    Yeah except you still have to get an appointment at the Genius Bar. There currently is a 2 day waiting list for iPhone customers at my local store. Sucks.
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    This is madness (and no it's not sparta)

    Yeah, hack it again. Are you really asking this question?
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    My text doesn't make a sound anymore when I receive them?

    I have request of anyone having this problem- Which sound do you have associated with receiving a text? I had been using the "Electronic" one, because it's best one if I'd actually like to hear that I'm getting a message in most environments. I changed it to another one and it's been working...
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    NFL Games download to iPhone Calendar

    Thanks man, I'll go check it out right now.
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    NFL Games download to iPhone Calendar

    Yeah, I just realized you can do this at but I'm at a loss for how to sync that info with iCal on my Mac. Any suggestions?