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    MMS on the iPhone?

    You know, I think in general AT&T doesn't care if you MMS with your iPhone. It's ol' Steve Jobs and company who believe that MMS is not high-tech enough for the iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple isn't aware that many US customers don't want to spend $15 - $45 for internet access on top of their phone...
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    help with MMS!

    The fact that you don't have AT&T makes you more likely to have the ability to send/receive MMS. SwirlyMMS will definitely work on T-Mobile, and other carriers. I actually have SwirlyMMS working on my 3G iPhone on AT&T, with the iPhone data plan. But since you don't have AT&T, you don't have to...
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    FastMac iv aux battery

    I have the fastmac iv for my 3G and I haven't noticed any reduced signal response. However, individual results will definitely vary depending upon original signal strength, location, and obstructions like buildings, etc. On a side note, this thing is uglier than the Mophie Juice Pack, but...
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    iPhone 3G and running emulators

    I explained it in my first post.
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    The Difference Between Jailbroken & Unlocked for 3G

    OK, so I see your 950-post count and am now wondering if this is a trick question from a guy who has been here for over a year. But I'll bite, just because I can't wait to hear the punchline. Jailbreak, as it relates to the 3G iPhone= hacked firmware letting you run Appstore apps and 3rd-party...
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    I jailbroke my new 3G, but I think I should have downgraded instead

    The Dev team has been able to downgrade the Baseband to an older beta, but have not (at least publicly announced) downgraded the BB to get 1.1.4 on there. Furthermore, it almost makes no sense to downgrade to 1.1.4 on a 3G iPhone. Why would you do that? Do you not like the GPS functionality...
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    Customize is Now 2.0 Compatible/ Download Link Available

    Installer 4.0 is not out yet. If you are on firmware 2.0, you cannot get installer, whether you have the old iPhone or the new 3G iPhone. Sorry. Also, I just tried to SSH Customize into my 3G iPhone, and can confirm that the splash screen with the spicychicken loads, then the main screen loads...
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    Green power

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but that solar charger will not charge your 3G iPhone. Currently, there are no solar chargers that can charge the 3G iPhone. I have the Solio Classic charger, that I bought from the Apple Store last year when I bought my iPhone V1 and haved used it quite a bit. But...
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    Cydia..what are all those installed packages

    Your phone is fine. Cydia uses all those files in its normal processes. Most are not apps that you use. They Cydia is often upgraded to aid in its stability.
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    iPhone 3G and running emulators

    Ok. You twisted my arm! NOTE***If done correctly, you will have a new icon next to your App Store icon called Cydia. Cydia is just like installer, in that you can browse apps to put on your phone. So far, here are some apps worth getting.... Swap Tunes (lets you sync with two separate iTunes...
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    3G chip in chrome bezel

    All the refurbs that Apple has for replacements right now are actually brand new phones. After a month or so, you might be stuck with someone else's refurb. I would get a new one ASAP.
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    iPhone 3G and running emulators

    Why wait for Mario All Stars? Super Mario 3 is the best one, and that's on NES too! I prefer to play Galaga, Kung Fu, Legend of Kage and Spy Hunter though. Don't get me wrong, I have saved the princess a time or two. Oh, and all NES games play at full speed with sound! Hit the search bar...
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    Poll: Have you gotten a 3G already?

    I had a 16g white activated and making calls by 8:15am, July 11th. Oh yeah, I reluctantly waited outside AT&T at 10pm the night before. Now that I can see the limited availability, I am glad I did so.
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    You can keep the 3G iPhone if you immediately cancel your contract with AT&T, right?

    Firewire, Here are the reasons why I personally upgraded to the iPhone 3G, even though I don't have 3G in my area. 1. non-recessed headphone jack 2. GPS 3. Better speaker 4. Easy eough to disassemble to fix broken glass 5. Unsoldered battery, easier to replace 6. I personally love the white...
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    You can keep the 3G iPhone if you immediately cancel your contract with AT&T, right?

    The 3G iPhone can still be used on EDGE for T-Mobile, Centennial Wireless, Alltel, etc. MANY parts of the country don't even have 3G, so that really doesn't matter to some. As for everyone else, Macgirl tried clearing it up, but to no avail apparently. There are three pricepoints, and two...