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    Win the iPhone 4

    Would love the new iPhone! Riley? He just wants to play fetch.
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    What deficiencies can be updated with software?

    right, but is that something that can be added with a software update?
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    What deficiencies can be updated with software?

    Anybody know if this list of current iPhone deficiencies can be fixed with a software update? or will this stuff not physically work with the first iPhone (like 3g or GPS are hardware fixes) iPhone doesn’t support Cut/Copy/Paste. Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) is not supported. Can’t record video -...
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    but I would end up with a phone that is really, truly free right?
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    what happens if I go into an att store today, become a customer (I am currently Verizon), get the best "free" phone they have (with a 2yr contract), and then go and get the iPhone on Friday?
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    SIM Card?

    why the heck would Apple put the effort into including a sim tray only to leave it empty...?
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    who's wearing the pants?

    count me on as part of the 3 million or so, once I switch in september after my contract is up...:2cool:
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    yes, but those are not the new plans that they announced for the iPhone. go to the iPhone part of att's website and there is a link to look at the iPhone plans on Apple's website.
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    who's wearing the pants?

    anyone else out there thinkits funny that nobody at att seems to know what the heck it going on? I mean they don't even list the rate plans on their website, they just link you over to Apples site so you can see what the plans are. Guess we know who's wearing the pants in this relationship...
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    80G iPhone - No kidding!

    the extra button thingy wasn't a mistake if you remember correctly. you tube was later added to account for the additional button... but my take on this one is that it is indeed a mistake. no way for the iPhone to have flash memory AND 80gb AND cost $600.
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    Proof of 80GB iPhone from Apples website?

    no no no...the 30 gb iPod is indeed a hdd. a 1.8" hdd to be exact. I know because I just changed a bad one for a good one (hdd that is) in my sisters 5gen iPod.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    anyone know if the 450 minutes are all you get for anytime? basically, are there unlimited night and weekend minutes? edit: nevermind. I'm an idiot. I hadn't actually checked out the Apple site yet where it clearly states this.
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    iPhone Pricing Plan Discussion

    wow. when i first read the story on Appleinsider I thought that the 59.99 was just the data plan. I was devistated. I had to read through it 3 times before I figured out that 59.99 was for voice and data! now i am ecstatic!
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    $599 Apple gift card has arrived! [Pictures] got screwed. you have to pay for the tax! hahahaha. congrats.:laugh2:
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    Honest questions answered.

    damn, you beat me to it... :)