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    ibrickr is the great

    That is a good idea, but I would still have to remod all icons....unless of course I am missing some feature of iTunes that I am not aware of....which is easily possible:laugh2: Like I said though, it was most likely a combination of all the stuff that I have done. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    ibrickr is the great

    Could be iBrickr Issue I don't want to alarm anyone, as I have spent a lot of time modifying my iPhone with jailbreak and then iBrickr, so I don't want to place the blame on either one. I really blame myself....because it could have be me mucking around in the OS. That being said, I plugged...
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    ibrickr is the great

    ibrickr is excellent! This application is great. He is the URL: Enjoy! I love this application. Kudos to the person that wrote it!
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    Actual Windows Remote Desktop

    Check Out this site I downloaded the trial version. While it definitely works, it is really hard to control your PC. That being said, I thought I would throw it out there as well. It is still a beta. The other thing I recently found was an...