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    Just returned 4-day-old iPhone for a 0-day-old iPhone

    On Monday, I went to the Apple Store because my iPhone stopped working all together. It wouldn't even turn on. I walked into the store told one of the staff my problem, even without an appointment with Genius, and they took time to attempt to resolve the issue on the phone. They then activated...
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    Minimum 2 year service plan required.

    I already purchased the iPhone and from my earlier post, I was only partially correct. There is a Sim Slot in the iPhone and you cannot use your current Sim with the iPhone. Apparently the Sim for the iPhone is slightly different than a standard Sim. Good news is that the iPhone includes its...
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    AT&T Training Week Thread

    NO, as you will be the account holder, you must be present as they will run a credit check on you in order to initiate the account. Then you have to go iTunes with a code to activate your account. It shows this in the activation tutorial on
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    7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep (or how to get an iPhone for less $$$)

    I had placed a hold on an iPhone at my local ATT store prior to Apple announcing that it would not allow reservations for phones...anyway I received a call from the store this past week officially informing my that they would not be able to honor my reservation and they told me that they will...
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    Minimum 2 year service plan required.

    The iPhone has a built-in sim that cannot be exchanged...they will have to program the iPhone much the way they used to before coming out with the chip. The main reason for this is that your new service plan will not work with other phones due to the the additional features of the iPhone and...
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    Required Data Plan?

    I was just at the AT&T Store yesterday and they said that AT&T is making a data plan package specifically for the iPhone but the associates have not been told what it will be yet. The iPhone specific plan makes sense as the iPhone has many features not available on other phones. ONLY 6 MORE DAYS!