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    Easter Egg hunt for 100 new features!

    Email addresses in contacts are now automatically resized (font) so you can read the entire address.
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    Easter Egg hunt for 100 new features!

    You can share a contact now, pretty sure that was not there before. It opens email and puts the contact as a .vcf attachment. You can also share a contact from within voicemail.
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    Would Apple care about with what provider you use the iPhone?

    ATT pays royalties back to Apple each month - $10 I believe for each live contract. So, yes they care!
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    Contact address can't be found on Google map now

    Bigger Maps Issue? My home is on a walk street (beach). I have been able to use this address with no problems before 1.1.3 - I've had my phone since July. If I use maps to search for the bookmarked address, or my contact address it drops a pin on it. If I use maps to get directions from my...
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    Best Car Integration Yet? Photo

    It's pretty much standard in 2008 for new cars to have iPod interfaces, I'm sure we'll start to see iPhone integration if they keep selling 20,000 units a day! Anyway, here's the lrx concept with a perfectly installed iPhone :)
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    Weather app should show hourly forecast too!

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could tap on the daily forecast for weather and it zoomed into the hourly forecast? It seems that just 1 icon for a 24 hour period really doesn't tell you that much. Perhaps include the sunrise, sunset and moon status too? Tapping on the Y! on the lower left just...
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    Movies on flights - what cradle do you use?

    I just used my iPhone on a flight for the first time. I put Planet Earth (2 DVD's) on the iPhone using Handbrake - all thanks to EIC participants for the assist! The movie quality was amazing, sound was just as good. 2 of us watched using the Monster splitter from Apple Store. We each had...
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    iPhone in car is now perfect - Mobi

    I use a cassette adaptor to listen to music in the car from the iPhone. The problem was that if a call came in I could not answer the call using the built in mic and the car speakers for sound. Problems ranged from feedback to the other person just not hearing me. I just bought the Mobi...
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    Would You buy a White iPhone?

    not me But I would certainly be interested in the for Xmas.
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    External speakers still play with earphones?

    Check to see if there is any lint etc in the headphone jack, preventing it from making a solid connection.
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    Phone calls goes to voicemail when connecting to edge?

    Yes, when edge is loading a page, calls go to VM.
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    i can't hear anything when i pick up a phone call

    It appears that you just have poor service in your area / room. FWIW - For What It's Worth.
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    i can't hear anything when i pick up a phone call

    Poor Service? You have perhaps 3 potential issues: 1. Does making a call using the supplied earbuds work? If it does, then follow the insert & remove multiple times procedure. 2. Do you not have good reception? How many bars do you have? Have you tried making calls in a different area...
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    iTunes Coverflow problem

    Album Artist I had the same issue last week, and it turned out that one song did not have: Album Artist (not the Artist or the Name) Check that matches too..... Finally, did you try adding new artwork to all songs at the same time manually? Perhaps the actual JPG is different?
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    iPod keeps playing!

    I experienced this yesterday, I'm on 1.1.1. However, in my case there was no sound, just the iPod play icon in the upper right hand side. I restarted and have not seen it since...