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    Need help with iPhone email with Oulook

    Email - Sending I had good luck using what I am told is the edge smtp server or something like that.. up until today and now I can't send emails anymore.. again.. give it a shot, this is what I used. Oh.. it only works on the edge network though..
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    E-mail issue

    I was able to get mine to work on the edge network by changing the smtp to It really sucks I have to change it to that for Edge and then back to my correct settings for Wifi.. I am on both networks throughout the day.. hopefully Apple or AT&T figure this out soon. Just glad to be...
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    E-mail issue

    The first day I owned my iPhone I was able to send a test message no problem. I have not been able to send out an email since, I get the same error but don't know what to do about it. My ISP, Cox was of no help and neither is anything else I have read. I see there is a couple people with the...
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    Outlook sync problem

    Email Issues - Well after reloading the phone a couple times I can finally get everything to work except sending emails.
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    Moving Map in Google Earth?

    Well it looks like my wish is coming true. Take a look at the rumored Google phone. Everything I have read so far says it will be faster on the web and it will have an intergrated GPS to be used with Google Maps. Please Apple fight back!
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    Moving Map in Google Earth?

    Given that the iPhone will have Google Earth and Bluetooth, I would really like to see them use the moving map funtion. Basically be able to take a Bluetooth GPS puck and have the Google Earth maps display your location. This could obviously be used for traveling in your car or on the street...