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    Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA model fake or real iPhone?

    Of course it's always noted "Designed by Apple in California" but the parts are assembled in US and are original parts.
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    iPhone 5s is not detected in PC

    Check your connectivity settings first or try it with another cable, if still not working try to factory reset, and if still no change is happening, bring it to a service center to have it checked.
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    IMEI Number wanted?

    If he wants to check your phone's status it goin, to be the IMEI he will be needing.
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    iPhone 5s continues to shut down, unresponsive after charging?

    I suspect that the problem is the battery itself if it's not the software, you have to replace the battery by your self if you can or go to any Apple Authorized Service Provider.
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    Should I update my iPhone 5s to iOS 9?

    Updated mine, I think it's much smoother than the previous version due to it's better optimization, Apple focused mainly on performance rather than additional features. Does anyone of you noticed to have longer battery life?