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    iPhone 3G "error 36"

    Well all of your useless logs don't help us with anything. If we knew how to fix it we would help. So BUMP on out I here.
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    Element Vapor case kills 99% of cellular signal - tested in anechoic chamber

    Europa she gets around don't she? (talking of Debra Morgan)
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    ^^^ you obviously don't run auto insurance either. It's there just incase you have an accident. Some people never use it but when they need it it's a big money saver. Just like the iPhone insurance. Just wait until you have a slight drop and shatter your screen. Then what? Go back to a crap...
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    Question Game

    ^^^ I have no answer but that is a dang good question. Made me lol.
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    Napoleon's Toilet Pic Thread

    Ahh what the hell.
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    Have you used FaceTime?

    Psh I named it Sexytime. Seriously It's cool.
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    Saurik Discusses the Upcoming iPhone 4 Jailbreak

    Did anyone else notice he had 300+ text messages?
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    Ruger sp101 is also one of the greatest revolvers of all time as far as in concerned. Any of the air weights will be a nice choice though. I like girls and guns lol. You sound really knowledgeable. Thats really comforting. Get a .357 and load some +P .38's up in it. Will do enough to stop...
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    Here is a close up. Still don't know how to get big pics.
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    The grips started out as aluminum and had a small input of grip tape. I was going to try and work around it but it was too difficult so I just stuck a whole piece over the grips and then trimmed it off with scissors. When people see it they say it looks to rough that it would hurt your hand. It...
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    On another note this is what I carry daily. It is a Springfield Armory V-10 Ultra Compact .45 in a Crossbreed Supertuck. It is resting on my Unibody Macbook lol
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    I will be using this as my USPSA production pistol. I am just trying to get back into it. I put about 250 rounds through the Shadow today and im really impressed. The trigger is pretty much amazing. Here are some new pics and my grip mod I completed last night using 3M Safety Walk Outdoor Tread...
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    Apple Schedules iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday

    I just got a bumper yesterday. Wth.
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    Apps not being charged....

    What the hell is wrong with you? o.0
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    Am I missing something....check your phone speakers.

    Who would that be in your avatar pic?