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    Where did the forum go?

    I can’t see anything either.
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    I watch 2

    I have an I watch 2 which I love, want to hear from people than went from the 2 to the 3, an what they thought, is it worth the upgrade?
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    iPhone X

    Just received my new iPhone X came from iPhone 6+, while I am enjoying the new phone, speed, etc, I’m not completely blown away. The screen size of the X, is larger, however on the 6+, it appeared bigger. Watch a video and it didn’t go the entire screen. I don’t miss the home button, in fact...
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    Apple Watch Series 3

    Europa, did you have a Apple Watch before this one?
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    What I hate about iOS 11...

    Also screen appears to be not as bright
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    What I hate about iOS 11...

    I hate the loss of iCloud Drive
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    iOS 10.3 Beta 1 brings new file system, other stuff

    Does anyone know which apps specifically will be effected? A list of apps that won't be available.
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    iOS 10 installation, no problem

    No problem for me but not that impressed can't figure out why everyone is make such a big deal out of this new IOS
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    iOS 10 sounds

    Frankly somewhat disappointed in 10. Not sure what the big deal was
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    iPhone 7 Release?

    So who is going to go for the 7
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    Which Mac

    Wanting to go from PC to Mac, from what I've read fusion is the way to go, not into gaming, but can't decide 21" or 27". Any advice appreciated.
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    Restore iPhone 6 - New Phone

    So should one restore the phone?
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    Transferring messages w/o restoring from backup

    All of a sudden all photos in Messages disappear. Message still there but photos are gone?
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    Battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus

    At first my battery life was excellent. Now it's horrible.
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    iOS 8 has been released

    Is it just me or is IOS 8 just not that interesting.