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    LTE speed tests - here's mine

    On bell.....
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    Unactivated iPhone 5

    From my understanding all the iPhones that have been shipped from Apple are unlocked. You can drop any sim in there and will be fine. Once the initial sim goes in, the phone will be perm locked to that carrier.
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    Are you updating to iOS 5 or waiting till its Jailbroke first?

    my thoughts exactly. i am REALLY tempted, but i can wait. once things settle down on the Apple servers, i'll reconsider.
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    Sad Day, Steve Jobs has died

    sad day indeed.
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    Siri on iPhone 4 possible with jailbreak tweak?

    must have Siri on 4.....................
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    Noaccessorysplash 4.x help on iPad 4.3.3.

    Installed the app via Cydia from modmyi and I got the audio working the car (hooked up via USB) but video wont play. It says video is playing on tv. Are there any alternatives? Am I doing something wrong?
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    Otterbox Defender Case Giveaway Part II

    i'd love to win an otterbox. i never win anything and this would be a great way to start. /cheese i had one for my 3gs and loved it............. i'd love 1 for my 4. thanks for reading!
  8. kiwee vs other Jailbreaks

    no you don't..............
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    What shows are you watching?

    jersey shore aka train wreck starts tonight. waiting with baited breath for dexter.
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    Rate the Avatar Above You!

    irish - 8/10. great movie. brings back memories of my childhood.
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    Facebook for iPad Found Hiding in Their iPhone App - and You Can Run It Now!

    *golf clap* damn right. what is the damn big deal?
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    3D iPhone

    lcd will come to the iPhone before 3d does...............