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    New MBP or iMac

    I need some help.... I am thinking about getting a new Mac. I currently own a 15" MBP. (it is a 2007 model still runs great) I am debating should I get a new 15"MBP or a iMac( have not decided on size yet.) I am currently in the beginning stages of web development(still in school) I...
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    Thinking of getting a new Mac

    I use virtualbox, it lacks a few feature fusion and parallels has, but over all it is great, I am running 7 on my MBP, ohhh virtualbox is FREE.
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    Poll: Are you buying the Apple iPad?

    IMO this is the 1st Gen iPhone all over again. iPad minus all the cool feature from the start. then they will upgrade the models in future to keep you upgrading. Sorry if someone has already pointed this out.
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    Is the iPad Apple's Way of Killing Off the Laptop

    Until it can run a full or lite version of OS X or it's ....JB , I will stick with my MBP & 3GS
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    Poll: Best Feature of the iPad [software]

    Could you add an "all of the above" choice. All of the software features are good.
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    Poll: Are you buying the Apple iPad?

    I will not buy one. I imagined a tablet with MBP or MBAir hardware, that I would buy.
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    thanks iPhonewarrior for your help. this is what I have done: I plugged the iPhone in and iTunes tells me it detects the iPhone in recovery mode must restore to connect to iTunes. So I select restore, iTunes DL the latest firmware for the iPhone and begins to extract the software, then...
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    Sorry for the PW I meant FW, Yes I am running the latest version of iTunes, my mac is up to date.
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    I have chosen PW, and I let iTunes dl and restore, same result.
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    Ok, I did a restore with 3.0 everything to be going fine, but at the end when it restoring firmware it gave an error 1012. And I am back to iTunes/ cable screen
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    Sorry, no it did not work. I am now at the connect to iTunes screen, my iTunes on my mac tells me that is detect the iPhone in recovery mode. When i go to restore it, I have a black screen on the phone, then I get an error 23.
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    Yes tried that, Thanks
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    iPhone 2G stuck in recovery mode

    I have a received a iPhone that is stuck in recovery mode( iTunes and the cable on the screen). I can get it into DFU mode but once I try to do a restore I get a 23 error, I have tried different firmwares and get different errors i.e. 1601. I have no idea what firmware version it had before...
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    If I purchase an iPhone 3G in the USA, can I use it in S. America?

    What carrier does he plan on using in Ecuador Porta or Movistar, I frequent Peru (Lima, Cusco, Tarapoto) and I use movistar with my 3G and it works great, I agree with sebefore81 but one from craigslist or ebay, that has been jailbroken or he can Jailbreak it himself. If he chooses to JB himself...
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    2010 iPhone to have Multicore Processor?

    I am still in debate, I have the $199-$299 option, But I also have 2 lines on my account, which I will let the contract expire and keep it available for an upgrade just in case, Apple release the 64GB, quadcore, OLED, skies the limit iPhone. Or the mac tablet ( the reason I have not upgrade my...