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    iPod Touch 4g Camera

    Yeah that's true my bro iPhone 3G camera is better than my iPod 4 camera and don't know why:P
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    Miracle at the Apple Store!

    Apple is good for only some stuff
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    N.O.V.A. 2 Coming Soon

    Nova is gay bkuz every time I play ppl use aimbot and hack the game so that's y I hate nova
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    Need Help Windows 7

    Idk dude mine works off iTunes
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    iPod touch With Camera - video?

    That's a lie bro :D
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    iPod Touch 4g Camera

    Awww man well that sux bekuz I also had this problem so I just bought a case for my iPod that has a pop out stand for like $24.99
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    iPod Touch cannot connect?

    Or u just make a back up of your iPod then restore it bekuz that happened to me before like when I was at Starbuck there wifi was free also so luckily I had my laptop there and did that and then it worked for me and I have the iPod touch 4 8g
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    Invisible Shield Warranty Conditions?

    Just go to one of their stores and buy the screen protected there well that's what I did and they gave me a lifetime warranty and everything its damaged I just go their and they give me a new one and put it on for me and I have the iPod 4 so it was custom made for me and I know that because I...
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    Miracle at the Apple Store!

    The thing the Apple needs to do Is the apps in the app store instead of .99 cents just make it free