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    Everything iPhone

    Very nice site my friend iPhones i think they be good. Ill post some thing i know and hear about it this forum. You should add some more topics about it so people have where to chat about it, diffrent areas and things like that
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    How much are you willing to pay for your music love!

    You pay lot.. why not wait 2 years and the cd will cost 60% less :) thats true. Sometimes I buy from the internet and much cheaper then buying a cd with cupple songs u like in it.
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    What phone are you using now?

    I Think i have Sumsung A-650 from Veirzon i got it for $9.99 and i love it its very good never had problem with it. don't have not much in it but HEY its a cell phone it works. I wish i got camera in it :( BUT get my upgrade in couple of months. :)
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    iPod Types

    Wow nice find my friend, you have the Ipod name price and some history if it very nice. IPods got batter and batter everytime they got there new version of it out. First Ipods cost lot $$ $500! wow
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    breif history.. thought i should share..

    Thanks for the all Ipod history very good and short history. I think Ipod has very good history making there Ipods and how they made them batter and batter every time they got new out. Thank you Apple for IPODS :)
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    future of iPod

    Yah Ipod's are very easy to use and very cool looking. I like how are they small and skinny :) I like the most that you can put lot of music and they and vids too
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    Bulls = Are Back? (NBA)

    Hey all NBA Fans, Do you think Bulls are back to be a playoff team as they wore with MJ? I think they are they just got Ben W. on there team. I think Bulls we be one of the top next year they have very good team. Wrong Topic Move it to offtopic pleace :)
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Hello everyone, I like to intoduce my self my name is Konstantin. I live in Washington (USA) I'm 16. I'm into sports basketball, football, soccer. Also i like to do some graphics on computer when I have some free time. I hope this forum will do good i like it here :)