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    Replaced battery yet?...

    ten years? how do i go about having that completed? my phone was used for 16 months and left to da side when upgraded to 3g. sold to a friend after 3 weeks of upgrade and now battery does not last more than ten hours while on standby only.
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    How many people in addition to your iPhone 3G have another phone that you use daily?

    just recently upgraded from first generation iPhone but now using 3g and nokia 6301, which was made in germany. interesting. never knew that. using internet on iPhone to monitor traffic and work line. i'm a tow truck driver. da nokia is my personal. hardly any calls but used for unlimited...
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    GRRR just tried to update to 2.2 need serious help

    the danger of a call coming in during syncing or installing firmware. its made me worried and reading this horror story.... geez. i think im gonna do either late late late in da evening. especially since im a tow truck driver.
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    Slow WiFi

    i forgot i had this thread. just upgraded to 3g bout three weeks ago and its doing the same thing. phone is connected in wifi networks and is not utilized in applications. happens in many places: home, starbucks, offices, friend's house, and other friend's houses. have not restored but have...
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    Apple loves to nickel and dime customers

    this is just unbelievable... i really want him to be able to enjoy 2.1 functions, mainly app store. he just loves mini games. he tried a free upgrade but it just crashed. luckily it rebooted fine! phew. i wish i knew how to it myself. make things easy n done with... thanks for your input fellas!
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    jailbreak 1.1.5 help please

    did you pay for it or get a free version?
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    Apple loves to nickel and dime customers

    so i finally decided to give my brother the iPod touch which came with my purchase of a macbook just before school started. when he opened and experienced it for the first time last night and today, he asked if there are any games? this is boring. i just learned that his device is on version...
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    Slow WiFi

    oh great ... Put me down too. YouTube is very slow. My first gen download videos with ease. This 3g is not even close. Actually 3g speed is quicker!
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    Slow WiFi

    This phone has connected to multiple networks and continue having same crawling behavior. I want to say its da phone and not my home router. Also I just removed a couple apps yesterday and remember a pop up stating phone memory is low. Maybe deleting those might free up memory allowing...
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    Slow WiFi

    I've thought bout that but two laptops are not affected consistently as da iPhone was.
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    Slow WiFi

    I've searched for other threads but nothing relevant came up but I know I've seen those threads. Here's my story : Wifi has slowed down dramatically to the point edge is faster. I would sit two feet from Linksys wireless N router and speed would not increase. Every time I have a problem ...
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    weird bug in 1.1.3

    i dun wanna update anymore still on 1.1.1
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    iPhone suddenly ends function and returns to home screen - why?

    I have the same problem. And there is this, at times app closes but does not view home screen. All that is viewable is time bar and a black screen. Anybody else have that issue? I've searched but couldn't find exact match.
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    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    what functions are utilized on your phone? seems as though you use it only just to make calls... if not... i need to set an appointment !
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    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    Less than twelve hours of charge and I achieve 5.5 hours average before hitting red 20% low mark. 4 Hours of talk time Bluetooth on WiFi on Screen auto lock on Ipod/YouTube play/view no jailbreak