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    "Must Have" accessories?

    iSkin Cerulean RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver connected to my car's iPod integration cable. Wireless solution to playing music from iPhone through car's speaker. Only annoyance is having to go to Settings-Bluetooth and connect. For some reason it doesn't connect automatically like my handsfree...
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    Cool 3GS/3.0 Feature of the day: Bluetooth Audio

    I had A2DP working well on my 3G. Interestingly, on my 3Gs, its very glitchy. COming in and out all the time. Anyone have their 3Gs working flawlessly?
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    iPhone Talks Email

    cool. thanks
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    MMS Apps (for real)

    I suppose we're speaking strictly about non-jailbroken apps? Because I now have Swirly MMS (True mms) working on AT&T.
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    Removing Vibration when plugging in for charging

    Solved I found a solution. There is a File under /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/ named SystemSoundVibrationPattern.plist There is also a Haptic Keyboard modification that replaces this file and allows for feedback when pressing the keyboard. I just edited that file so...
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    Removing Vibration when plugging in for charging

    Thanks for all the responses. The problem is when using the InCase Charger. When the battery is drained on the Case, it goes through several charging cycles where the phone "thinks" its being plugged in again. This usually happens at night when I have it on silent/vibrate and the vibration...
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    Removing Vibration when plugging in for charging

    Is there a way to remove the vibration you get when plugging the phone for charging? My phone with the InCase charger case vibrates several times at night when plugged in.
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    There is a new PIM app called SaiSuke. I have not tried it yet, but it apparently syncs with Google Calendar. Pocket Informant is supposed to be out with their PIM sometime this Fall...
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    Notification badge reading"0"

    I have tried rebooting already. I had installed backgrounder, but removed it since because it doesn't work with intelliscreen. I had also installed beejive. When I went back into beejive and IM'd, it somehow got rid of it.
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    Notification badge reading"0"

    I noticed today that some of my 3rd party apps like Newsstand are a "0" notification badge, where before it was just there if I actually had a 1 or higher notification. Has anyone experienced this? And how do I go back to normal? Thanks
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    Broken Apps on 2.1

    To bring back intelliscreen on the locked screen, double click the home button to bring up the ipod player, then double click it again to switch back. This brings intelliscreen back. Workaround until they fix it the right way.
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    How do I completely wipe out all info on my phone? Selling it

    Someone savvy will still be able to get some info.
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    How do I completely wipe out all info on my phone? Selling it

    That doesn't completely wipe out private data. This was an issue where private data was still around in hidden files. Do what I said above. That will really wipe out all private data
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    How do I completely wipe out all info on my phone? Selling it

    If you're running 2.0 software, go to settings, general. There's a reset feature. This will take about an hour.
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    To do list

    Try Jott. It syncs with their web page app