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    Saving Twitter videos... need help

    This saves to the camera roll, or just to the browser? I don't see a way to save it to the camera roll. It does make it easier using the app I suggested above.
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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    I like it!
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    Saving Twitter videos... need help

    You can download videos from Twitter with this app. I just checked to be sure. It's tricky though. Video Saver Pro - Video Player for Cloud Platform by Nguyen T Nam Giang
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    You have friends? [emoji3][emoji23]
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    You mean contact Apple? It's an Apple app.
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    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    Don't you have an Unsee button?
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    Disable need to lift iPhone to turn off alarm

    Try Reset All Settings before you restore.
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    Be sure location services are on for Find My friends. You might also try signing out of iCloud, then back in.
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    So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    You may get one later this year if rumors hold up. A 6.5" X style iPhone. It would be like having an 8 Plus with edge to edge screen, no bezels.
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    Disable need to lift iPhone to turn off alarm

    I'm on iOS 10.1.1. I never noticed that. But I usually pick up my phone to dismiss an alert anyway.
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    Who's Buying a HomePod?

    I haven't taken an interest in one. I'm not sure I need it. I'm taking a back seat to the early adopters on this. Be sure to post a review.
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    How to recover deleted pictures from iPhone

    If you deleted your photos from your device, then they would no longer be in iCloud if a back up was done after the deletion. If you remember the email address used for your Apple ID, you can reset the password. Forgot ID Forgot Passcode...
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    Free App to type faster on 5s

    I use SwiftKey as my default keyboard. I use the predictive word method, rather than swipe. Swipe never worked well for my fat fingers. But many do like it. I like the ability to delete words or non words from the SwiftKey keyboard dictionary. I have no idea which keyboard is the fastest...
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    Yahoo mail

    Yahoo seems to have had a lot of issues lately. Do you have other email accounts? If so, do they do the same way? It could be an issue on Yahoo's end.
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    Phone not showing contact

    I don't have a clue. You might reach out to Apple Support. They might know what the issue is. Apple Support Website Apple Support Number: (800) 275-2273