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    Where did the forum go?

    What issues do you have with using Tapatalk? I have the iCafe app, but use TapaTalk because I have several other forums I visit, and they're all in one place. I also prefer the dark theme option. But TapaTalk works great. It's really not that different from the iCafe app.
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    Where did the forum go?

    Thanks, Chris! Working great on TapaTalk as well as the iCafe app.
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    Where did the forum go?

    Does anyone know why the forum no longer works on TapaTalk and the iCafe app?
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    The Battery controversy and solution

    When plugged in, it no longer uses the phone's battery. So it's probably not slowed down then. The slow down isn't that noticeable. It's the same affect as when you have Low Power mode on.
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    Where did the forum go?

    I got that too. But the tabs showed after I logged in.
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    Where did the forum go?

    I no longer see iCafe in TapaTalk and nothing shows in the iCafe app.
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    Who uses Apple Pay? I'm confused.

    You can check a specific business for Pay acceptance in Apple Maps. Enter the name, then scroll down.
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    Freeware to backup messages and imessages from iphone

    There's one called Anytrans that might be suitable for your needs. It's not free. Disclaimer: I've never used this and have no idea if it's safe.
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    iPhone X

    The X screen is narrower and taller than the 6 Plus. I prefer the wider screen of the Plus. Photos and videos show as they do so you see the entire video. You can watch them full screen, but they'll be cropped on the sides. Same with photos. If you want to see them full screen, you have to zoom...
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    Phone "loses" apps and music library

    What music app? The stock music app? Use Spotlight Search on your screen to find it. You may have deleted it by mistake. Check in the App Store and see if it's there. If it shows the cloud, tap to download it back.
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    What kind of emoji? You can add them to the stock keyboard by going to settings > General > keyboard > Keyboards > add new keyboard > scroll down to emoji > Tap it. Then you can access them from the stock keyboard in iMessage or anywhere else. [emoji41][emoji4]
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    Phone "loses" apps and music library

    Have you checked all your folders for the apps? Maybe they were deleted my mistake. If your music is missing in the music app, it's probably in iTunes and you need to download them to your phone again.
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    Got the otter box defender case

    I've been using Otterbox for years. I opted for the Commuter with my 6s Plus, because $28 sounded better than $60. It's been great.
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    I uninstalled You Tube because of battery drain issues.

    I thought it was a YouTube issue. If so, maybe YouTube fixes it soon in an update.
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    Power Button and volume

    The ringer icon doesn't show when I press the power button only. But when I press both the power button and volume control at the same time it does. Could you be pressing the volume along with the power? I do that sometimes by mistake when using my left hand.