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    WOW on iPad?

    Jailbreak your ipad and get the app, btstack app on cydia it has the blue tooth recognize Apples blue tooth mouse and blue tooth keyboards. So you see it is not limited to touch only as input.
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    When will iPad be a true network device?

    The Apple USB kit ( 29.95 from Apple) will allow you to read your sdcard and plug USB devices Such as cameras into the iPad. I saw a YouTube video this am where a fellow used this USB connector to connect a hard drive to his iPad and used good reader to manipulate files to and from the hard...
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    It's been a month....How would you rate the iPad?

    I did not wait for the 3G so I pledged to myself that I would somehow get 3G on my wifi 32gb iPad. Well I did. I rooted my droid and flashed a custom rom that has an app that turns my droid into a verizon wifi hotspot , it is fantastic. I love this device I have a Linux. And a vista laptop and...
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    A real thread about iPad Fingerprints

    I put on a coat of turtle wax , the kind for cars , works great , does not affect finger reading. Finger prints are repelled.