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    1.1.3 tomorrow? 1/2/08...?

    I've seen the LifeHacker video's of 1.1.3 and I can't wait! Are we there yet!?!? BTW, jjvaldez, did you buy another iPhone? P.S. My Hackintosh rocks. $2200 Mac for $700
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    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    HackinTosh No, I'm building a desktop PC running ONLY Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. There's a huge following of people who have been hacking the Mac OS and now it is available to run on a small specific set of hardware. Basically, I have a $2000 iMac for $550 in hardware. Check out these sites...
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    Playing iPhone's IPod music in car, what's the best thing to buy?

    Any 2008 Scion. I would go for the xB. (they come with iPod/iPhone ready stereo's with the cable!)
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    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    \o/ Yipee! I'm glad I could help.....someone! Now, I'm off to build my Hackintosh!
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    What I LOVE Most When I walk Into the Apple Store

    The salesperson is always appreciative. The potential customers ask questions about AT&T service and rates which the Apple guy cannot discuss. This also allows me to show cool features you will not see without loading the iPhone with actual data, likes IM conversations and pics. The TV ads...
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    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    Dude, I love mine, use it in the car almost every day. Whats really cool is the the thicker cable makes it easier to untangle against the thinner ear bud cables!
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    What I LOVE Most When I walk Into the Apple Store

    I often stroll into the Apple store because - hey, its a cool place, and I'm an Apple Junkie/fan boy. My favorite thing to do is walk over to the iPhone display and watch people fondling the iPhones. Recently a married couple, probably in their late 40's, were both fondling iPhones and each...
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    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    jjvaldez, Did you get one that works?
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    Who is getting a iPhone for Christmas?

    (hmmmm, I seemed to have missed something) Anyhoo... My adorable and very pampered (spoiled rotten) niece of 17yo began begging me for an iPhone for xmas. I've been telling her "no", "no", "no". Well while visiting for Turkey Day she asked me again over breakfast. My comment was, "I'll...
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    Chuck Norris

    I adore this thread!
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    Yes, you will want the NEW iPhone, Next Year.

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    24 hour Apple channel: all Apple, all the time!

    You guys need a life. However; I love you anyway.
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    Who else has done this? what I did. First, I rented a 16 cu ft garbage container and I filled it with all my collected techno-junk accumulated over the past few years. Cell phone, old chargers, AC-DC adapters, old PC cases, motherboards from every step of the techno-verse, etc etc....and would you believe...
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    Alarm's SNOOZE not working!

    If my snooze quits working, I'm sunk. I use my iPhone as my only alarm and I "snooze" it at least twice each morning.
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    eBay Item # 110182560139 ROCKS

    Oh man that SUCKS ASS. Sorry bud. Mine works fine and I use/abuse it everyday. Hate to hear you have a bad experience! :(