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    Adam on Mythbusters using iPhone.

    well since were talking about celebritys using iPhones ill pitch one. i was watching life of ryan the other day and ryan sheckler was using an iPhone. however just watched a new episode and looks like he now has a blackberry. that was fast! lol
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    Black to silver iPhone

    how much did you get for the black one? i wana be able to sell it and get a brand new iPhone and still have a nice little profit
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    Black to silver iPhone

    are you joking? dude don't even start until you have actually done it. first of all thats just taking apart the phone. here is actually replacing the back: Not one person who has done this has said it was easy and...
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    Black to silver iPhone

    the only reason i use the term "rare" is because sure, you can buy the part, but its a VERY difficult process to change the back, anyone thats done it will no that. and im sure theres people out there who want one thats black, but doesn't want to go through the process
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    Black to silver iPhone

    Hi. i originaly purchased the iPhone on the first day it was released. i replaced the silver back with the black one as seen here: I now think i want to return to the silver back. instead of replacing it again, i was thinking...
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    New Replacement Parts for the iPhone !

    it is cool:cool: i did it to mine, and i put the invisible shield on it so now its all shiny, it looks VERY NICE!:p
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Nevermind, posted on wrong thread
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    14 year old replaced iPhones back!

    ya it does look like a skin, thats the only downside.. but i don't care i wanted to protect it but still be able to show everything off unlike if i used a rubber case or else all that work would of been pointless, but thanks for the compliment:wink:
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    14 year old replaced iPhones back!

    thanks:smile: it took me probably 8 hours of work but i span it across about 4 days.. didn't want to rush it
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    14 year old replaced iPhones back!

    Ok, so i no everyone probably knows about the black back case thats being sold on ... well no one wants to do it because of this difficult process as seen here: . Well i just wanted to let you all know that i...
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    iPhone speaker louder or replace?

    will that distort the sound even more though? on full volume its not only not that loud but it sounds distorted
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    iPhone speaker louder or replace?

    is there anyway to make the speaker on the iPhone louder? when i play music it doesn't even compare to music even on cheasy flip phones! is it just my speaker or is that how it is? if theres not a way to make it louder do you think its possible to purchase a btter speaker about the same size that...
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    "getfile" command in jailbreak?

    If you set up SSH, im pretty sure you can copy the files to your desktop from winSCP.. heres a tutorial how to set it up Hope this helps:smile:
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    iPhoneinterface/manzana not working... lil help!

    iPhoneinterface works fine for me, but for some reason manzana doesn't, it sees my phone and all the files, but i just don't think it copies files over when i drag them in, cause they don't show on my phone, but when i use iPhoneinterface it copies over perfectly. anyone know why?
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    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    could someone make me a logo that says Mike, in Blue with grafeiti font? thanks!:cool: