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    Prada phone video!

    the touch screen in the video seems a little unresponsive at times. And I couldn't believe that when one wanted to send a text message that a alpha-numeric standard phone keypad came up. That seemed silly. The little floating butterfly following around the finger was cute though. I liked the...
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    iPhone as luxurious remote?

    Oh, and Charming, I forgot to mention..hehehe.. All of the iMacs and MacBooks already come with remotes! It's a VERY simple, five or six button remote that allows you to listen to music, look at pictures, watch movies, and much more from the comfort of your couch or wherever you might be. I...
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    Imposter! I hope this one never comes to life...

    Yes, but will it have MUTI-touch. I've heard a lot about "touch" phones recently but nothing about MULTItouch phones. I think Apple is the only one. In honesty, some of these new phones that are being introduced in the wake of the iPhone may look really cool, but comparatively the iPhone is...
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    Thoughts on keeping iPhone closed to third-party apps.

    From David Pogue (I hope I spelled his name right this time) here: "Can it open Word and Excel documents? –No. (Steve Jobs says it can open PDF files, though.)" So, yes, on the PDF thing.
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    Upgrade iCal

    Very cool article. I'm excited. The limits of iCal are the only reason why it is not the primary calendar system in our office. People can use it if they would like, but scheduling meetings or other group events are done through an entirely different calendar system which is far inferrior to...
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    Thoughts on keeping iPhone closed to third-party apps.

    I'd be okay with third-party apps if they were administered through Apple (as you've mentioned through iTunes or something similar) because that means Apple has put their stamp of approval on the app. EA games is already in negotiations with Apple about making games for the iPhone, but the key...
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    iPod like feature?

    :laugh2: LOL.. Smart ass! You knew what I meant! :laugh2:
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    Cingular questions?

    About the Cingular idea of getting a plan from a near-by town and using the "roaming" option or something similar in your "normally not covered by Cingular" area. I would recommend against that. I read an article recently that Cingular is going to be specifically looking for people who are...
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    Pre-Order Information

    Wow! I don't think I would camp out in front of any store for I don't want to get shot. :gasp: I was planning on waiting for a couple of weeks/months before I purchased the phone to see what kind of USER reviews it is getting (not these stupid, "ANALYST" reviews that are popping...
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    .Mac accounts

    That's a good thought, but I'm imagining probably not. If it's designed around the use of an iPod through iTunes my guess is that it's going to sync entirely that way, not through .Mac. The only think I can think of off the top of my head that will for SURE work from .Mac is Mail. HOWEVER (and...
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    Thoughts on keeping iPhone closed to third-party apps.

    I read a lot of "news" about the iPhone and what people are saying about it. The most complaining I've heard is about the 3G thing (which I don't give a rats butt about), the fact that Cingular will be it's only carrier (yes, people, it's still true), and the fact that you can't put third-party...
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    What computer do you have?

    Checking in as a proud owner of a MacBookPro with 1g ram and intel processor. After moving to an all Mac working environment and finding a new love for the MAC I decided to get one for my home computer and I'm SO glad that I did. My husband thinks I'm cursed when it comes to PCs. I've crashed...
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    Upgrade iCal

    I actually LOVE the Address book. I do see how they could improve it in a few ways (I would LOVE a field for extensions for certain work numbers). I'm not much of an innovator, however. I'm the one who sits in the back and goes, "Oh WOW! That is so practical, why could I not think of that?" My...
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    iPod like feature?

    Say it with me, "GIGABYTES! GIGABYTES!" The iPhone will come in 8 GIGABYTES (g) or 4 GIGABYTES (g), not Megabytes (mb). Go for the 8 GIGABYTE (g) if you are planning on holding on to it for awhile. It will be worth it in the end, especially if you plan on putting a lot of music on it.
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    iPod like feature?

    HAHHAHHAHAHA I found it. It only took me twenty minutes of searching (no wonder, I was spelling POGUE wrong). Anyway... from his blog you can find here (The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions - Pogue’s Posts - Technology - New York Times Blog) "Does it connect to standard iPod...