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    Difference between Edge and 3G

    ah awesome. That is definitely good to know. No need to have 3g draining the battery when WiFi uses less power and is faster. Thanks
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    Difference between Edge and 3G

    I have a question. As leaving 3g turned off to conserve battery life, leaves you with edge and not able to do voice and data simultaneously. I would like to keep edge on only when I am in a WiFi spot. Will i be able to get data and voice at the same time if I am using edge and WiFi?
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    Maps, compass, car. Anyone notice...

    I have heard that the electronic magnetometer is affected in the car because of the engine. It's a huge, heavy chunk of metal that can throw off the readings. If i step out of a car it works fine, then is off when I am in it. I don't think it is anything iPhone specific, just the physics of how...
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    Free App Friday: March 27th, Tweetie

    woo! love me some free apps!
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    Possible new iPhone user, Long Island, NY

    Hey all. Got a few questions. I am currently on Verizon and looking to switch over to ATT and pick up the iPhone. I owned the original one and had excellent service on Long Island and NYC. I have heard about the 3g problems in this area even tho it is fully covered on ATT's site. Can any of...
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    Am I getting free service?

    did you get a credit from the att store when the price drop came around? if so they just put the credit towards your bill. this is why you may not have been charged yet, it would mean you have already paid technically. This is what happened with me anyways.
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    WiFi store on iPhone

    hmm they told me the same thing and it still hasn't worked. they said that is the only thing i should have to do in order for it to work. this is weird
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    WiFi store on iPhone

    yup thats exactly what i am doing. Im pn the phone with Apple now. I'll update once i hear from them
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    WiFi store on iPhone

    yes...hence why it is the wi-fi iTunes music store. i don't believe it will work over edge. this is really getting me annoyed on something ill prob only use 2 or 3 times anyways. i've searched all over ituens for a way to configure and im seeing nothing
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    WiFi store on iPhone

    i keep getting no account information found please connect to iTunes to configure your account when i try to buy something. how do i configure my account?
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    HUGE iPhone Purchase at Apple Store Last Night

    i saw this happen to be the other day aswell. Went to buy the Applecare for my iPhone. Next to me was a gu waiting to pick up 55 iPhones, thing is tho he had called ahead for the order. they guy opened up the shipment box, scanned each individual iPhone box and the guy swipped his black credit...
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    saving pictures from Safari

    hey guys...searched for this but couldn't find anything. Is there a way to save pictures im viewing on safari. For example if i am on a website and theres a picture on it can i somehow save that picture?
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    Just Went To AT&T Store..

    I bought the iPhone a week ago went to att and they credited my card back the 200 nice and easy
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    iTunes Version 7.4 Available

    The ringtone feature will be available later in the week he said. Also if u already purchased the song on iTunes u do not have to buy it again just pay the 99 cents for the ringtone. If not u need to buy it for 99 then 99 to make it a ringtone. That's 1.98 for a song and a ringtone when...
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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    i just got my 200 credit back at the store...i knew about it before most of the people working at att...i told them and they didn't believe me then they checked their emails and there was a procedure email on it lol