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    Let's post some fun stuff here

    I want to share a funny picture with all of you.
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    Music player problems

    Sorry to hear that, but you can still send it to Apple store and ask for repair it, but you may pay for it. Good luck to you.
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    Music player problems

    Is your iPod touch still have warranty? If yes, just please send it to Apple store as soon as possible.
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    thanks and I'll have a check.
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    What kind of coffee you like?

    starbucks, either.
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    New Case for Christmas

    sweet love.
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    Need recommendation for best case for iPhone 4

    Just search it on ebay or amazon. Good luck to you.
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    So cute dog
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    congratulations, and I am saving money to get one.
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    Thin plastic cases Vs silicone ones

    1. the advantage of the thin plastic cover: It is not easy metabolic. Disadvantage: easy to break. 2. the advantage of the silicone cover: Not easy to break. Disadvantage: Easy to be out of shape. And the white one will go to yellow.
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    Gucci iPhone cases?

    Gucci never produce it.
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    Who uses a screen protector on their iPhone 4?

    You'd better use the screen protector to protect the screen, and keep it sensitive.
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    Song of the Day

    I love the song viva la vida sang by Coldplay.
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    Will virus attack my phone?

    If your iPhone is a jailbreak one, then you need the antivirus software. Or else, you have no need to use it. Thanks.
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    Playing iPhone games on my TV/monitor?

    An application named screensplitr, but your iPhone should be the Jailbreak one.