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    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Fed ex says by 4:30 for me but I hope it comes early as well. My watch is being delivered via UPS so I’m heading to the hub when they open
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    I ordered a case from them for my XS Max. I’ve never ordered from them and paid for expedited shipping. This is the second day and still no shipping notification or anything. Anyone order from them and happy with their cases? Maybe I shouldn’t have paid the extra to expedite if it’s not...
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    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Mine have been in Memphis all week. Will depart sometime tomorrow
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    Apple Watch Series 4 preorder thread

    My watch has been in shanghai since the 17th. I’d love to see some movement soon. ETA for me still shows 09/21
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    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    looks like some people have had their phones leave shanghai and arrive in Anchorage over the last few hours. Mine is a watch 4 and and I hope it leaves shanghai soon
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    iPhone XS/XS Max Shipping

    Yep. My Max has been in Shanghai for 17 hrs now and my watch is sitting in Memphis.
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    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I got on and had my Verizon confirmation email at 11:59. Lol I cracked and got the gold Max 512 with the AW 4 gps
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    Shipping dates...

    I was able to get on the Verizon app and preload my gold XS Max 512 so at midnight all I was doing was putting my Cc info in Typical Verizon I have “Around sept 21st”. I’m not worried as I’ll get it launch day Hit the Apple app as few minutes later and grabbed an AW 4 44mm seashell grey and a...
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    Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    I’ll be going with the X Max 256. Not sure I need 512 gigs Also getting the AW 4 44 as well