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    Apple hates new york?

    They are damning you to hell because you unlocked your iPhone and are using it on T-Mobile. :laugh2: .. They're pissed that they're not getting royalties! hahaha
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    iPhone Overheating

    Yeah, I did the same thing. I woke up and the phone was so hot I could barely touch it. Then I looked at the front screen and it was CRACKED! A huge crack down the middle. I took it into an Apple store and they replaced it no questions asked. Now I take care of my phone so well, they could see...
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    Not optimize photos?

    No... actually it wasn't. I can clearly remember "pinching" and zooming in to the pictures and being able to see a MUCH higher quality image than I do now. I can't even zoom in a little before the image quality is bigtime diminished. FWIW I am using 8mp images so I know it's not a question of...
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    spoofing iPhone user agent

    I would like to do the opposite. I have to login to a site that accepts logins from desktops with no problem, but makes you pay or a "mobile" device. I can understand the extra cost per month if you are using a BB, or treo or something that requires extra coding but the iPhone worked the first 3...
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    Not optimize photos?

    You know, that is really weird. I was just thinking about this today. I used to be able to show a photo on the iPhone and zoom in with the "pinch" and it would be so clear. Now after I updated to 1.01 (or whatever, the new update), it seems that my photos are really grainy when you zoom in and...
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    How hot is hot?

    I woke up one day and my phone (after a month) was REALLY hot. So much so, that I pulled my hand away. When I finally picked it up there was a huge (and I mean HUGE) crack in it from top to bottom. I took it back to the Apple store here in CA and they replaced it no questions asked. They...
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    celebrities with iPhones?

    actually, coach :2cool:
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    celebrities with iPhones?

    I am a flight attendant with a major (colourful) airline, and yesterday I had a celebrity from the show "heroes" on my flight from Long Beach to Chicago. I cannot disclose who (due to my contract obligations) but even more, because, I respect all peoples private information. All I can say is...
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    The Ultimate iPhone Software Update Discussion Thread

    Seriously dude, I think we know sooner than they do with leeks/Rumors. End-level retail employees don't know crap from what I can surmise. When it happens, it happens.
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    Met someone with hacked iPhone. Really cool!

    I think I am pretty computer savvy but 1/2 way through the ./jailbreak process I get this weird message "You're going to have to learn to hold it longer than that, buddy!" and I have quit iTunes and the iTunes helper. Anyone?
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    Best Anti-theft case for your iPhone

    wow, I don't usually laugh out loud but I did reading that! :)
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    Video phone calls

    I say MWSF 2008, if not then WWDC 2008. But that is just my o opinion.
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    Have anyone experience these...

    That music thing has happened to me like 6 times in the last hour. Funny enough it just happened to me when I tried to reply to you. Very annoying!
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    AT&T doesn't listen!

    That is really interesting. I bought 2 **8 gig iPhones** at Apple Store Fashion Island in Newport Beach,Ca. The dude that sold them to me just reached for a pile and processed the order. It took me 10 minutes (and being out the door) to realize that he sold me 2, 4 Gigs. Well the only reason why...
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    What's on your iPhone?

    that's funny. I played "southern cross" :laugh2: