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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.1 Discussion

    oh was i too late? sorrie
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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.0.1 Discussion

    2.0.1 now here
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    Tips on installing invisibleSHIELD?

    i get to try this later
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    Tips on installing invisibleSHIELD?

    so this thing is basically like tint on a car. would any one consider using a heat gun while applying?
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    Be honest, how do you feel about your iPhone 3G?

    I got the White 16GB, and i love it. Battery does seem to drain the battery more, i keep usb cable at work. BUt also if you notice the 1st gens with 2.0 also drain the battery but not as much. So far i love it and i have no regrets.
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    Poll: Have you gotten a 3G already?

    White 16GB checking in
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    what iPhone 3G case did you get or plan to get

    Waiting to see what Seidio will have to offer
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    How long did you wait in line for iPhone 3G?

    Arrived at the Apple store at 0730 and left at 0930
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    What time is best to show up at the Apple Store

    Today i showed up at 7:30am and left at 9:30AM with a white model
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    2.0 is live!

    And its done. woo hoo
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    2.0 is live! That's right. If you've been dying for a round of Super Monkey Ball, now's your chance. The firmware is available only through a direct link, not iTunes, so if you want it, follow the read link to sweet, succulent 2.0 paradise...
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    iPhone 3G and Apple $100 rebate.

    never got one
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    White Or Black 3G

    white with a black case
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    Any news on 3G cases Yet?

    im glad seidio is gonna come out with a case for it. All those places should have a mockup of the phone so that they can produce a case for it.
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    Sorry Pro Line Waiters....Activation required at point of sale. Apple and AT&T stores

    Is t he OP correct. We has to activate it at the store, and OG iPhone users just need to extend our contract? I just checked mine and my current plan was only for a year. I just signed up in Dec. for ze iPhone