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    Gmail Push Down?

    Yeah I'm having the same problem. I deleted and readded the account a couple of days ago and it fixed the problem. But as of this morning, it's not working again. It's showing that I have no messages in my Inbox but they're there when I log onto
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    Updating to 2.1 jb to 2.2.. quick question...

    yes. iTunes will update and restore your phone. then you can load up your backup. then jailbreak again
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    AptBackup Saved Me!

    I think that's how it's supposed to work. You have to run it right after a restore. The description basically says that too. I was following instructions from some other site that said to sync with iTunes after installing AptBackup so that the backup file will be on your phone. But now that I...
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    AptBackup Saved Me!

    After installing AptBackup, make sure you DO NOT resync with iTunes. I did that and AptBackup wouldn't let me restore.
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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    looks good! i'm can't wait for the calendar events!
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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    It's in the LockBackground.html file. The only time the slower refresh time is going to be noticeable is when you switch your phone from silent to ring and vice versa. If your time is say 20 seconds, it'll take 20 seconds from the time you flip the switch to update your lock screen. I suppose I...
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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    I'm sorry, I should have clarified that I wasn't referring to the weather part. I was referring to the missed call, next sms, etc. Lincoln's app connects to the phone's internal web server to grab the status and update. That was originally set to 5 seconds
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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    Hmm good question. I was just thinking I wanted my lock screen to be as up to date as possible. So isn't 5 seconds still short?
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    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    Hey Lincoln, I was thinking about setting the update function to run every 3 seconds instead of 5. Will doing this draing my battery faster? Any possible downsides to doing this? Thanks!
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    Question about jailbreaking

    Hi all, So I'm about to jailbreak my 3G phone but had a question first. Once Apple releases a new firmware, will I lose everything I've customized on my jailbroken phone (apps, settings)? Thanks!
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    BodyGuardz or InvisibleShield?

    i have a 3g and bought the bodyguardz. it looks awesome. it's just a ***** to put on. my brother and cousin also each have a 3g and they also love the bodyguardz.
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    Apps and Multiple iPhones

    Hi all, My brother and I each have our own iPhones and use our own iTunes on separate computers. If I purchase an app, in theory, would he be able to download the app to his phone too if he uses my iTunes account?