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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    Good day to us all, Well then, I guess that just gives me one more reason to switch from Windows to Mac, eh? :wink:
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    Steve Jobs Macworld 2007 Keynote

    Good day to us all, :laugh2: LOL... oh yeah.... Christmas is different here... talk about "dreaming of a white Christmas"! Unless I want to go up to the volcanos, I don't get snow, but when the cold wind comes down the slopes, it can get downright cold (enough to throw on a sweater.... low...
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    iPhone radio

    Good day to us all, I like that idea... I will be away from home (living on the other side of the country, a continent and half an ocean away)... whenever I get homesick, I can just tune into one of the radio stations that stream music from home...
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    Steve Jobs Macworld 2007 Keynote

    Good day to us all, Wow! Thank you very much for doing this. It is one thing to listen to it, but a totally different thing to have it right in front of me, where I can digest at my own pace. And to think that I used to think that waiting for Christmas as a kid was hard... waiting for June...
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    Quick Question About the Keypad

    Good day to us all.... And for me, patience is so HARD! LOL :laugh2:
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    From (enter device) to iPhone - Switchers!

    Good day to us all, I went from a HP 6500 phone (using Windows Mobile), to a Motorola RAZR (the first generation, doesn't even have all the bells and whistles of the newer ones), to hopefully an iPhone in June (so soon after... fingers crossed...):smile:
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    MP3s as Ringtones: Does it really matter?

    Good day to us all, I tend to use a regular ringtone. I figure that with seemingly more and more people using mp3s or fancy dancy ringtones for their phone, when my phone rings, it will be so different being just a plain old ringtone that I will recognize it all the more quickly... :laugh2:
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    iPhone on an airplane?

    Good day to us all, I think I heard (or was it just my imagination) that the FAA has decided to, at least for the time being, still keep cellular phones silent in flight. Don't want to be spreading vicious rumors though.... As I understand it, they were considering lifting the ban.
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    Will iPhone be sync with MS Outlook?

    Good day to us all, Actually, I hope so also. I use Office 2007 on my laptop, and it would be great if they synced easily.
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    What kind of music do you listen to?

    Good day to us all, Actually, I enjoy the oldies (and the biggest shock for me was listening to the local oldies station and they started playing music that I remember coming out when I was growing up! sheesh! LOL :embarrassed: ). Since I also dance hula, I listen to Hawaiian music; I love...
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    Anyone here married?

    Good day to us all... I am celibate. Happily so. Temptations are there, but then again, they would be there if I were married as well, eh? :wink:
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    Good day to us all, Thanks for the link. If this is true, indeed, it would be great news! I would love to have a heavier wallet after getting an iPhone. I don't know if it will help, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. :laugh2:
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    iPhone Cases

    Good day to us all, Thanks, robhon. Now I can see for myself, and can say for myself that they are wonderful, with different colors to reflect different moods... Thanks for the revised link.
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    just watched demo on the iPhone

    Good day to us all, I know that I saw an advert about iPhone coming up and it caught my eye, but seeing the demo is what is compelling me to purchase one when it finally comes out... Hurry June! I can't wait!
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    iPhone Cases

    Good day to us all... I am sure that is it must be a windows thing... When I go to this link, it asks for a password. Based on what the others have written, it sounds wonderful though.