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    Internet quitting unexpectedly ..

    just quits and goes back to home screen. .had it for a couple of months and this just started. . anyone else having this problem or have a solution?
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    My 8gb only showing 265mb after trying to jailbreak

    happened to me a couple of times. . .and I just restored my phone and all was well .. .just make sure u synced your phone recently or u will lose your contacts and other stuff
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    Learned how to Mod but I have one quick question?

    i learned how to change all the icons, but what commands do u put in to change backround on icon screen?. . .and then after the command is it just putfile icon?
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    after having your iPhone modded...

    i like my modded icons. . much better the stock are so plain and boring
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    wow thats really nice. . where can i get a link for that?