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    Signal strength has been flaky since 4.0 software update

    I've had the same problem- and my battery drains like crazy! Facebook posts take forever to post! Hope they fix it!
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    Pictures after ios 4.0 upgrade

    Thanks guys!
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    Pictures after ios 4.0 upgrade

    So just resync my photos?
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    Pictures after ios 4.0 upgrade

    Has anyone noticed a problem with the pictures and wallpapers already on their phone now looking fuzzy after the 4.0 upgrade? What's up with this? Is it fixable? It's very annoying- all of my pictures in all albums are affected! Thanks
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    Win the iPhone 4

    Yay i wanna win a new iPhone!
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    Anyone jailbreak their 3GS 3.1.2?

    no wifi after jail brake hey all, jail broke my 3gs 3.1.2 everything went fine but no wifi, its just not working at all, the toggle wont work...any ideas?
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    iPhone switched to No Service and back to full bars?

    Was using my phone and all of a sudden it said NO SERVICE at the top- then " searching" so I switched to wifi- lasted about 5 minutes then the bars came back- never had this happen before- I have been in my bedroom the whole time- any ideas?
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    new 3 G s

    Ok, just got my new 3Gs today, upgrading from the v1 from the original my question is what exactly do i have to do? Just plug it into iTunes and it will recognize it as a new phone and do everything or what? Not sure what all i need to do...also do i have to set up my email all over...
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    yes it does, everything works he just cant get the update and hasn't been able to for weeks
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    slow :dft009:happy i don't do i check the exact speed?
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    question i have a friend with a 3g and when he tries to update, his phone syncs and backs up...but then when he hits the update button it says his computer is not connected to the internet...which it obviously is....he has turned iPhone off and on and rebooted the pc....anyone have any ideas...
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    now it says 3 hours, its been about 45 minutes....hmmmm:dft006:unhappy
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    Official iPhone OS 3.1 Discussion

    i am downloading 3.1 says 4 hours? are you serious? its never taken this long for an update? I have dsl, but really, its never taken this long...whats up?
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    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    Finally got it, started at 3:57 and finished at 4:17, not too bad....had to keep hitting the update button, got the same error as everyone else, but have it now!:laugh2: