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    I tried, but couldn't make it work with more than 1 computer. Seems PDANet and the 1st connected computer are locked and other computers on the ad-hoc network are out of luck. However, it WILL work IF a local LAN network is created between the computers, and a second...
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    Just Jailbroke-- now need to uninstall Installer

    Your method was the best. Just deleting Installer from Applications still leave traces behind (not much, but some). A re-jailbreak got rid of all :)
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    Bites SMS is now paid... is there any alternative to it

    It's also available here:
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    HELP! Passcode Lock problem

    You can release the lock immediately if you connect to the phones sync'd computer and do a sync.
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    Google Calendar Problems

    If I read it correctly, it works better (maybe quicker) if you enable PUSH.
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    Real and fake iPhone 3GS 16g

    I read somewhere about China requiring all iPhones to have WiFi disabled - their typical censorship rules. I would stay away. 120 is too good to be true :) for a real iPhone
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    Google Calendar Problems

    The Google info page says it could take 10-15 minutes and depending upon your network speeds, probably a lot more for the 1st time. I'ld give it an hour or 2 while connected to WiFi, and then really start worrying :)
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    sync iPhone to 2 or more computer for Outlook data only

    Google just release their Google Sync product today. If I read it correctly, this might work. I'm still sorting out the details with Google/Outlook and the iPhone on a single computer. I'm not ready to take the plunge. I've lost way too much stuff being the 1st to try new sync'ing programs.
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    Many people complain of the lag from JB'ing - is the lag worth it?

    The lag (if any real noticeable amount) is dependant upon the number of add-ons. Theming, background task capabilities, call/sms/im reminders, etc all take horsepower, but only when used. Personally, I've added about 80 AppStore apps and it appears to slow down a bit with each additional app...