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    Anyone else upset about the price drop to $399?

    We SHOULD start a petition or something. This is total crap. Its only been two months. How can you lower the price on an item by 200 dollars in just 60 or so days?!?! Thats just ridiculous. If we get enough people to sign it maybe something will happen!
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    16.... forked over 650 of my own cash and pay the bill every month
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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    17, student, run my own ebay businesss
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    What do you think will be announced today? (Friday, June 22, 2007)

    Anyway....back to the topic..i think that Apple will announce some excellent hardware information todaay. So far i've seen nothing, but it would be nice to see that were all going to get some super sweet bluetooth earbuds with a microphone in the iPhone box or something.
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    iPhone originally for Verizon!

    This article claims that the iPhone was origionally for Verizon!...but Verizon turned them down basically because Apple wanted to keep to much of the profits.
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    What cases have you seen...

    I still like these.. but that $60 price tags a bit high
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    is there a Need to camp out?

    Either way I'm camping out 24 hours! Heck it'l be a nice fun little vacation in front of the Apple store. I need to be the first one in line! I'd rather look like an idiot all day than miss out on this!
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    What will you bring camping?!

    I think these 10 things are a must Core Survival 1. Food 2. Water 3. Pop/Coffee if you must! 4. Proper Clothing 5. Maybe a fleece blankey (it might get cold over that 24 hour waiting period!) Entertainment 6. iPod (Preloaded with all iPhone ads and vids!) 7. MacBook (maybe you can pick up...
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    AT& vs.

    I'd definitely go with They'd probably be quickest too, and best to go to for hardware problems.
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    What cases have you seen... What the...
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    Does anyone feel like the pressure building?

    I really just want to go sit in front of the Apple store now.....until June 29th......6pm!
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    Camping around Cleveland, OH?

    Parma here! Probably heading up to the legacy village Apple store!
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    What's the deal with games?

    either that or redesign the iPhone it self so you "can" play mumbledy peg with it.
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    New info on launch time at AT&T Stores

    I'm pretty sure all Apple and Att stores were notified and clearly are aware of what is happening with the whole 6pm thing. It pisses me off though cause you can call one guy and he'll tell you everything you know, but when you get another guy he'll just say "call back the day...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    Yeah, nicely put!