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    Trying to get ringtones... please help

    unfortunately u answered my question perfectly, thats not cool yo!
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    Trying to get ringtones... please help

    ok, i bought a song with a ringtone symbol and created a ringtone with no problem... BUT... i bought a cd from best buy and put it on iTunes when i got home, and i searched for it on iTunes to see if they can be made ringtones, and they can... but on my music library there is no ringtone icon...
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    What one thing do you want more than anything on your iPhone

    Pretty much sums it up
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    Email app auto fill question

    im not really sure, try clearing cookies and history? emailing someone you shouldnt? yes? got a wife using your iPhone? yes?
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    Missing Cover Art On iPhone

    yes.. Go on your iTunes and click the song without the art, check the song info and if there is no album art, then google search it and copy it,, go back to iTunes song, info, and paste it in the album art section.. When you sync your phone it should now have the album art on it
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    i didn't even know about the eject button LOL... i just saw it when you mentioned it, meaning-i never eject it, i always just unplugged it from the computer, i haven't experienced any problems, if someone has more info please respond
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    Account Balance Every time I Call/Text, HELP

    i used the prepaid method with a debit card... and every time i make a call or text, a notice pops up and tells me how much it costs, even if it costs nothing, like a nighttime call... its pretty annoying, does anyone know how to make this stop.. i couldn't figure it out, thx
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    im in south florida and its been 32 hours with no email at all... im going to the AT&T store tomorrow mourning when they open at 10 and im going to see if they can activate it for me... i haven't received ANY emails from them at all... if i need a new SIM card so be it... im going there tomorrow...
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    Phone gets hot when used a lot?

    hopefully they will come out with an iFan, that way u can attach it to the phone LOL
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    Activation Email Question

    When you finally receive the activation email, do you need to click a link to activate it, or does the iPhone just start working when the email is sent? the reason is... I need to be at work in 2 hours and i was wondering, if i take my iPhone to work, will it just start working when email is...
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    HELP! WON'T INSTALL! Keeps saying to re-install iTunes. Tried 4 times already...

    im having the same problem... the messege read is something like "there is no iPhone software installed, please uninstall iTunes and install iTunes again"... after 4 times, it still wasn't working so i drove 30 minutes to my moms house and it worked on the same dam windows xp... now it said to...