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    What function will you use first?

    buy two and smash one in front of the mass of people waiting to buy one while talking on the other and laughing my ass off
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    iPhone Camera Viewer

    firewire is available for the ipod so it should be there for the iPhone
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    SD Card Reader

    the problem with flash media is that it can only be flashed so many times and that is way less than the amount of times you can write to a hdd without failure.
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    Planning on Buying a Case?

    I am sure it will be that same kind of pouch that comes with the ipod. I will most likely get the silicone case
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    7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep (or how to get an iPhone for less $$$)

    This is all well and good but it most certaintly would not work for the iPhone due to how new/expensive/hot it will be
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    iPhone Pre-Paid Plan?

    I reallydon't see there being a go phone version
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    No more 2 year contract?

    good point. I don't see why the 2 year contract is a big deal because if you are going to buy a $600 phone you might as well use it for 2 years right?
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    Apple re-edits iPhone commercials due to controversy: Removes “mysterious 12th icon”

    this is weird....but I am sure it is just widgets
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    looks like a SIM tray

    It definatly will have a sim card because that is all att uses. Att will not change just for 1 phone.
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    No MMS Messaging?

    It is easy enough to email the picture/video to another phone so no mms wouldn't really be a problem
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    Pissed about no iChat?

    Yeah this makes sense. I thinkmy text messaging is 10 cents a text on AT&T and I text a lot so that is a lot of money they would be losing if everyone stopped texting.