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    Need recommendation on good retractable headphones

    i think ill give that a try tonight thanks
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    Need recommendation on good retractable headphones

    ya, thats exactly what i am talking about. just wondering if anyone has one with good sound quality
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    Need recommendation on good retractable headphones

    hi all, Does anyone know of any retractable headphones out there that have good sound quality. I have retractable headphones and they are very handy to have when brining your iPod touch with you everywhere but the problem is the sound quality on them are horrible can anyone recommend a pair...
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    Help, Internet doesn't work

    nevermind.. i just unplugged my router, plugged it back in and vola
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    Help, Internet doesn't work

    hi all, i just picked up a 1st gen ipod touch 16gb.. before i did anything i updated it to the current firmware. the ipod connects to my wifi router but when i try using the internet it doesn't connect. i.e when i go to weather it says " update failed. or when i try going to a web site...
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    Stay away from 'Kate'

    kate totally messed my phone.. i restarted it and now it wont turn back on :( i have no idea what i am to do now
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    iPhone Video Recorder

    I dontated the $10 and there is no sound :(
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    iPhone Video Recorder

    my bad.... Thanks
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    iPhone Video Recorder

    Can someone please show me what source to add in order to add show time. Thanks
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    external battery

    its really not a bad idea, .. but i just get the feeling this will harm the iPhone's battery some how.
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    How do you carry your iPhone?

    same way... top down...speakers up. this way i wont miss a text/call
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    Question Concerning iPhone & Edge Network

    hmm. weird.. i just tested mine out and my call did go through.. then again I am in Canada so im guessing my network has "3G"
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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    will i be able to follow this method if i have unlocked my iPhone to another carrier? thanks
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    Edge not working

    no idea if this would work for your phone.. go to settings -general-network-edge- username: wapuser password:wap if those fields are empty try that.
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    Picture Caller I.D

    if you add the caller id pic directly from your pics folder in the iPhone(a phote taken with the iphoen camera itself) it will appear on teh whole screen the way u can get the pic in the right hand corner is by adding a pic from your computer into your iPhone then setting that pic as your...