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    New Internet Browsers Available via App Store

    can someone help me post a new thread How do you start a new thread. The subject I need to start a thread on is how to delete AOL email
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    Does anyone know how to share calendar 411

    Hey everyone Me and my wife have the iPhone 3G, we have 3 kids and a lot of scheduling, is there a program to synch or email calendar events so we do not have to each type the same events on both phones all the time. Maybe having the option to invite via email as in outlook. Neither of use...
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    Headphones Help

    I had that problem where I did not push them in far enough
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    Slower response after 2.2?

    My internet has been much slower, but an amazing thing happened, I had my first clear conversation. It was amazing to use the iPhone as a phone..........
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    Looking for app that updates my location on the web every minute or so..

    I've been looking for something similar also, so far no luck. Just programs you can email your local
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    instant messaging

    Will it inform you of a message the same as a text message?
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    Is 3G better in phone signal reception than 2G?

    I'm in Anaheim right by disneyland and the reception on my 3G iPhone is poor. Calling Apple they state it may be due to the 3G network not being up to par in the area. To answer your question the 3G also represents the spectrum the calls are made, I drop most every call if I stay on for more...
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    blackberry storm vs iPhone

    I have the 3G iPhone and it should not have the word phone in the name. It's a great mini computer but the phone functions are the poorest I've seen in 15 years. A 2 way radio gets better call quality.