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    Need help with my unlocked 3.1.2 3GS

    so i used blackra1n and now everytime i turn it off and on it puts itself into recovery mode. also i installed winterboard and now my wifi isn't working after that. i don't how to fix this and since im on T-mobile i don't want to update. any help would be great thanksss
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    Is the iPhone 3GS worth $600 to you?

    yes i have had it the iphne before...i love it and know all about it...i just needed you guys to tell me to get it so i have that extra push to get it without feeling bad that i had to spend 600. i checked craigslist and for 3gs 16gb they are all between 480-550...i might as well get brand new...
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    Is the iPhone 3GS worth $600 to you?

    So here's my problem...i have had the 1st gen iPhone, 3g, and 3gs. i love phones and always end up selling and rebuying like an idiot cause i get bored of the iPhone and then miss it again. now i miss it...and the only way i can get another one is through Apple without a contract...their prices...
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    Tell me if this is a good idea?

    Ok so I hve a 3gs. And love it but I want it unlocked because I travel out of the country a few times a year and it would be nice to use my iPhone I really don't care if the same 3g is supported. But here's my problem I don't want turbo sim or anything like that I want factory unlocked soo this...
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    How do I activate my 3GS :(

    Hello friends. I bought my 3gs today at best buy. They were around closing time when I bought it so they just gave me the phone and said it's easy to do at home. That's hardly the case. I plugged it in to my iTunes and it just restored from my latest backup which is what I wanted. The only thing...
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    My 3G is cracking!

    Thanks so much, and i honestly thought i was the only one so i didn't search...but from now on i will Thanks
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    My 3G is cracking!

    Im not sure how long it has been cracked but i noticed it today...its not my screen it the plastic on the back. I have a white 3g and there is a little black crack forming and i haven't dropped it at all...has this happened to anyone and what do i do? please any help Thanks
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    I think I messed up my Incase power slider

    just got a new one, check out my review if you get a chance
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    My Review: for the incase power slide

    I purchased this yesterday and at first I loved it, the packaging was nice and it came with a very nice little carrying pouch. yes it is thick and looks chunky but its charges your phone so you cant really complain, now if this was just a regular case without charging or doing anything like that...
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    I think I messed up my Incase power slider

    so i just bought this today and i didn't use their usb cable but instead i used my playstation 3's one. then i saw that the power slider only needs 5 volts but my usb cable put out 30 volts, and now it doesn't do anything? what do i do? please any help is appreciated
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    What sites can i watch movies from for the iPhone?

    Hi, I was wondering what sites can i visit from the iPhone and watch movies, tv shows... any help is appreciated thanks
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    Man I wish i still had warranty!

    well here is my problem i don't have warranty anymore on my 4gb iPhone, its battery has been very poor lately, i haven't taken it to the Apple store yet but i mean im just going to be told i need to pay 200 to get it fixed...right?
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    Please I need help with my iPhone 3G

    So its rebooting and goes to the pinApple logo and than flashes white and re does the pinApple logo again, i think the full erase is done, it may of erased something that helped boot it im thinking, and now my computer isn't recognizing it at all, its actually been 1 hour and 20 minutes. im...
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    Please I need help with my iPhone 3G

    o man im so stupid:frown: what if my baby is ruined? if it is messed up, what are my options?
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    Please I need help with my iPhone 3G

    O ok, its been about 45 minutes, and ive done a few hard resets and it stilldoesnt get past that screen, have i messed it up?:gasp: