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    iPhone + Jabra BT620s + Jabra A125s = Awesome A2DP

    this may be a dumb question but, these bluetooth stereo adapters will pair with ANY bluetooth receiver right? because i look online and their ads always say for instance "pair this jabra adapter with our jabra headphones blah blah" and i just want to know if the adapter will work with ANY...
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    Car integration for Toyota Landcruiser...

    check out the Parrot MK6100 or the (cheaper) MK6000... i beileve they will both work for what you are looking for
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    Music services to go offered on iPhone?

    you guys are not fully understanding what the OP was asking. first of all, he cannot add his current WMAs from his "to go" service because they are protected files and cant be converted. plus they are "subscription" music, so they will expire after a certain amount of time unless he reconnects...
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    What to Buy

    if i buy something at the Apple store with my 100$ gift card, then return it, will they give me a cash refund or another gift card? anyone know?
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    finally! got this message...

    transferred from Verizon... i attempted to activate last night around 9:30pm pacific time, got the standard 24 hour message, and just got that message now at 2:45pm. so not bad, i was thinking it would take til atleast 9pm tonite! unfortunately i'm at work right now and i have to wait til 5 to...
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    finally! got this message...

    Congratulations, AT&T has successfuly transferred your existing mobile number.
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    Anyone got a prepaid/Gophone iPhone yet?

    i wonder who will be the first to admit they have the gophone iPhone plan.... aka who has terrible credit
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    did u get this yet?

    no.... not yet.... :(
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    Anyone from California activated yet?

    nope not me.. i am in san diego. tried to activate last night around 9:30pm pacific time.... porting my number from verizon so i'm expecting the 24 hour wait that most people are reporting. who knows?
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    Gmail sent mail question...

    i don't know exactly how to fix it but i know the cause. you know how gmail formats in the "conversation thread" way, where all your sent msgs get tagged on to the ones you replied to u know... that has something to do with it. all i know is when i tried to retrieve my gmail from outlook, it...
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    Any way to install ringtones? [1st gen iPhone]

    someone try i have used the service tons before, its completely free, no hidden fees or subscription anything... you just upload your mp3s and make a ringtone and it txts your phone a web address to go to to download it and apply as a ringtone.. soeone try it i'm dying to know...
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    How long to switch numbers from Verizon?

    cant you still make calls though from the iPhone? just not receive them yet?