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    Can I just use WiFi overseas?

    i called AT&T and the rates for international roaming. it's astronomical. they have a glorious plan that is also expensive and reduces the rates only slightly. so i too want to popl out the SIM card and use the wifi feature and the ipod and email (through wifi). so has anyone tried this? the...
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    International travel with iPhone - Australia

    I am traveling to Australia next month for a few weeks. It would be super cool if I can buy a local SIM card and continue to use my iPhone while I am there. Does anyone know how to undo the network lock without permanent damage to anything? Plus, I guess i am not sure if the frequency bands line...
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    Had a dumb idea to get free text messaging

    i ran into the same problem. couldn't send international txt on txtdrop. neat idea though. thanks. about ichat on the iPhone - forget the money for a second. i am all for the cool factor - real time ichat as opposed to sending an SMS, waiting for the response. hell - with wifi speeds, why...
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    Had a dumb idea to get free text messaging

    hey would you mind explaining this trick about cheap international texting? i have folks all over and i bleed through my nose for text messages. much appreciated ...
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    Jumping to Main screen from Safari

    wow are you serious? i wonder if bill "crash" gates got a hold of the code to try and make everyone reboot their iPhones all the time. thanks though - i hardly ever reset my iPhone but i will now if it will improve the performance.
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    GREAT IM app FlickIM

    ichat on the iPhone anyone? i wish i had ichat on the iPhone. any of you savvy guys know if that is technically not possible?
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    Accessing Wi-Fi hat has Splash Screen log-on

    thanks tinman. that was helpful. i didn't do anything to the DNS. but it seems like its a good trick to know. can you show me how to do that? by the way - i tried to reply to this post on the iPhone and ran into a weird problem. i was in the reply text box in which i had quoted your reply...
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    ical doesn't sync up with birthdats in contacts i don't think it will work. i have had all the birthdays on my mac contacts updated but it's not tied to calendars. how lame. i had to manually go to ical and add people's birthdays. come on Apple -this one is obvious
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    Jumping to Main screen from Safari

    here i thought i was the only one.
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    charger only works half the time...

    i went to the store. looked like an idiot because it worked there. that smug Apple store guy was not friendly. i got on the phone and some nice guy from india (probably) helped me with that request. pretty painless. it was the Apple support number of their website. the nice thing is that you can...
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    Accessing Wi-Fi hat has Splash Screen log-on

    i did not do anything to the DNS. because i have no idea what that is or how to do it. teach me? if i go to a new wifi spot with a web-browser based authentication, i see a blank page on safari. at that point, i have hit the end of the tunnel of my knowledge about networks
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    Accessing Wi-Fi hat has Splash Screen log-on

    had the same problem at coffee shops. apparently the routers are not set up to automatically authenticate the iPhone's request for network connection. i called caribou and they manually authenticated it. i think this means that we have to call tech support everytime there is a new network to get...
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    charger only works half the time...

    had the same problem - drove me nuts. reset didn't fix it but a replacement charger did. i did it over the phone because everytime i took it to the store, the damn charger worked! damn murphy and his laws of nature...
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    Does anyone actually use their "Favorites" contacts?

    between favorites, the flicking the contacts and recents, its easy to find anyone. but sometimes i wish it had a spotlight like feature to search contacts (and the whole phone). that would be sweeeet ...
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    playing iPhone in the car.

    i have the same thing and it works fine with the iPhone. but do you think that the response is really slow? it seems that alpine took something wonderful a the Apple user interface and introduced a serious delay between action and response ...