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    iPhone 7 Got a suspicious email from apple

    Sounds like a variation of the calendar event phishing assaults that's in the news.
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    app store not searching

    I experienced App Store search issues off and on several times in the past week or two. I eventually hit upon a link through a search for something like 'is the app store doesn't. That eventually uncovered an Apple link that revealed that verified that it had been down for that last instance...
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    eiC app quietly removed from App Store?

    "Time will tell; it always does." - Dr. Who
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    Reminders Question

    I'm thinking that maybe you've restricted access to your location(s) in the privacy settings for the appropriate apps. For example, we use an app called Anylist that allows us to mutually access grocery lists for the various stores we frequent. As we get within "range" of those stores, we'll get...
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    Reminders Question

    Timely, I was reading this on iMore this morning. Reminders: The ultimate guide via @iMore We have a son with a TBI. Being able to help him with shared reminders will be a godsend to him and to his family. YMMV
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    Bug allows stealthy recording of footage without your subject(s) knowing

    I believe this discussion may have finally (hopefully) jumped the shark.
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    iOS 9 Bugs

    Sorry, this sounds akin to the picking of nits. For one, if I'm sending off a forgotten, quick email in the middle of the night and I'm not the only one in the (bed)room, I'd certainly want DND to silence system sounds as well ... but that's me. YMMV
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    iOS 9 Bugs

    How is that a bug if the silence switch is on?
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    Waze, now owned by Google, is a free app that uses crowd sourcing to learn about events on route. It also learns your preference for the routes you commonly use and will offer them as "default" options as you use the app. Give it a go. The only thing it costs is the time to get...
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    Wish list for iOS 10

    I "pioneered" the use of Google calendar in our home, a few years ago, because of the app Calengoo that has this very function plus many other customization options that are really nice to have for us as a family. Just being able to "invite others" to events like birthdays, anniversaries, trips...
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    iOS 9.3

    My 5S is running 9.3 just fine. I updated the first day of its availability. Even night mode works smoothly; it's my nightstand device. However, the 6S+ is like butter. YMMV
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    iphone 4 unlock no wifi?

    Thanks for the help. We've got it unlock and setup as new. It's updated as far as permitted iOS 8.3(?) so it can't handle some of the desired, updated streaming apps like Panora One but it can do Apple Music and Sirius at least. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iPhone 4S use for music only

    What about using iCloud Music? Your purchased tunes & music in your library can be streamed to that old phone via wifi.
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    iphone 4 unlock no wifi?

    We found an old iPhone 4 in a drawer that was retired a few years ago after having been replaced by a iPhone 5 and now by a 6S+. We like to repurpose it by loading a streaming app onto it and plugging in, via the earphone jack, to an external speaker. The problem we have is that we forgot the...
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    Myth of force-quitting apps from multitasking tray to conserve battery charge debunked by Apple SVP

    The guys on The iOS Show (Ep. 290) were discussing this very topic just a few days ago. I'm finding it hard to break my habit though ... YMMV